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March 8, 2019

Keith Mitchell

Orlando, Florida

Q. With the newest first-time winner on the PGA TOUR. What have the last few days been like for you?
KEITH MITCHELL: Hectic. I haven't slept at all, for good reasons though, it's been fun. A lot of media obligations that you're really excited to take. So it's been a blast.

Q. And you were joking while we were looking at the screen there, you haven't shaved in a while, are you going to keep the play playoff beard going or are we going to take it off?
KEITH MITCHELL: I'm not sure. I was kind of looking at my outfits this week saying, maybe I should just wear the same ones I wore last week. I don't know, it's just been fun. I want to let it last as long as I can, this win, this victory, it's so hard to do out here, so I'm just really relishing it.

Q. Not sure it's possible to see this putt enough, but we're going to go back to Sunday. What were you thinking right there?
KEITH MITCHELL: I was trying to remind myself what the break was doing and what the speed was doing because if not I was going to let everything just compound and it's kind of funny, if you look, I think I might is have early stepped it a little bit, I had to look back to make sure it went in the hole because I was so excited.

Q. When you work your entire life for that particular moment, is it a nerve wracking spot you're in as you're marking the ball and then putting it down and realizing what's in front of you or are you saying, you know what, I belong here, this putt's going to go in?
KEITH MITCHELL: It's both. You don't get in that position if you don't believe you can be there and I really believe in that statement because I've been in close positions before and really struggled. So I was definitely nervous, I didn't really know how nervous I was until I gripped the putter, put the putter behind the ball and then thank goodness I was like, well, this is all you got, you're here for this and let's do it. Once I took the putter back I knew I hit it solid, I just, that's when I really got nervous watching the ball roll into the hole.

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