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March 7, 2019

Lynne Roberts

Megan Huff

Las Vegas, Nevada

Washington - 64, Utah - 54

COACH ROBERTS: As I look into their eyes, they're tired. And I want to, you know, celebrate this season that we had, and rest up, get healthy, and use this to springboard us into the future.

Q. Can you put a perspective on this season, and your time in Utah, what it's meant to help get this program where it is now and where it could be in the future?
MEGAN HUFF: Obviously, like Coach said, this isn't how we wanted to end our season. But how the girls and how everyone's handled it has been amazing. I don't think we've ever focused on, oh, my gosh, this player's hurt. We never focused on that. Even when Coach came into the locker room and said that, I don't think that's something we ever thought about or pitied ourselves about it. Through the season, we just played and just played.

Like Coach said, I think we've gotten worn out. We've asked freshmen to step up and into huge roles, and they have done that. Really, the program is jumping forward. We had four seniors this year. Three, four, and, I mean, this program is on another level. Like Dre's coming back next year. We have so many good recruits coming in. We have red-shirts that are working so hard that are coming next year, playing.

I mean, yeah, like the leadership of the senior class. But there's not going to be a downfall. Our team is going to jump forward. We have so many leaders and so many great players.

Q. You said that looking in your players' eyes you kind of knew it coming down the stretch with the injuries taking its toll, the fatigue. You never really want to concede, but did you foresee this, or did you maybe just not think as tired as we are, we're just not going to lose to a team that only beat Colorado? Was it a possibility or maybe overlooking, or you just knew they were tired and hoped that they could get as far as they could in the tournament?
COACH ROBERTS: We certainly didn't overlook them whatsoever. I think they have some firepower. You saw it tonight. They can shoot the three. We didn't overlook them at all. We had them prepared. We've been talking about them for four days. I respect them a lot.

So there was none of that. I don't think I came in hoping we could win. I think we all kind of had this mentality like we're down to 7. Okay. Let's compete. We can win. Certainly didn't think we were going to strut in and they were going to hand us the W.

But, yeah, I mean, yeah, I could tell in the game like we just didn't have the pop. So as a coach, you know, I guess the best way to say it is I think we've squeezed everything out of this group that we can, and they squeezed it out of themselves as well. You know, just the adversity we hit, it just happens, and life goes on, and we've just got to move forward and focus on the future. I think what Huffy said is right, the future is bright, and I'm excited to see where we can take this thing.

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