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March 7, 2019

Jody Wynn

Missy Peterson

Darcy Rees

Las Vegas, Nevada

Washington - 64, Utah - 54

COACH WYNN: First of all, I just want to say that Utah's a heck of a ballclub with a great coach. We all understand who they're missing. But they're great competitors and great players and really just a really, really good coach.

It's late, and I just want to say that it took all of us to believe, and it starts with the belief that we can do something that maybe nobody else thinks we can do. And we talked about that. We talked about the character of our women and the perseverance that we've had. You know, it's easy to quit on each other and ourselves when the going is tough, and it's been a tough year.

But it's a true mark of great character when you rise to the next challenge when nobody thinks you can do anything. I'm just extremely proud of our entire team. I've been proud of the entire support staff that continues to encourage and give our program positive thoughts, because we need that, and we've needed it this year.

It took all of us. Not everybody had the best offensive night, but it started with our transition defense in the first half, and forcing turnovers, and that got us going.

Q. You guys celebrated after the game like you had won an NCAA Tournament game is what it looked like. How big a win was this for this program for what you guys have gone through this year to get a tournament win in the Pac-12?
COACH WYNN: First of all, if you come into our locker room after every win, you'd see us celebrating like that. Because getting wins at this level is not easy to do. But on a stage like this, with a group of people that are doubted, and rightfully so, you know. We hadn't performed well enough to get the wins that we all want, but it's big for our program. We are in the stages of building Washington women's basketball back up, and we're going to do it the right way with classy kids that work really hard together and that are unselfish. The celebration in the locker room was a sign of how much we truly love each other, and just how proud we are of each other and how hard we've worked to get this win.

Q. Coach, that being said, how quick do you have to say, okay, and turn it off and focus to tomorrow so you don't sort of expend all that energy and that emotion? Soak it in, but move on?
COACH WYNN: Yeah, I mean, they'll enjoy dinner tonight. It's kind of late for that, but we understand that it's survive and advance. You know, loser out, and we're facing an incredible opponent tomorrow night.

So the focus has to start as soon as we get back on that bus.

Q. Missy, that shot you hit at the end of the pull-up jumper, the clock's winding down. You talked like they were kind of coming to life at the end there. Just take us through that moment, what's going through your head, and the feeling to hit the stop to stop the run a little bit?
MISSY PETERSON: Yeah, I've had a few possessions this year where the shot clock winds down, and I've passed it and not taken my shot. But that was when Utah was going on a big run, and they got within single digits, and hadn't scored in a while. We knew we needed a bucket, the shot clock was winding down.

I've been working on my pull-ups all the time. That's been in my game since high school. So I got to the paint, nothing going through my head but shoot the ball. Clock is running down, and when it went in, it felt good. So we just had to go back on defense, and had to get a stop and finish off the game.

Q. Darcy, going through a freshman season like this, what have you taken away from the contrasting style of players in this conference? Someone like Megan Huff tonight, and tomorrow night, a player like Jo Grymek, who is big and strong and at the rim all the time?
DARCY REES: Well, I think every week we've gone against a really quality opponent in the big position, so it's been a really great learn experience for me. And Hannah Johnson teaching me so much in defense, and how to defend a different style of play every week. But it's just adapting, reading what the player is good at, and learning how to work around that.

Q. Missy, same thing I asked Coach, you guys looked like you just got into the NCAA Tournament and won a game in the NCAAs in that celebration. What does it mean to you to get a win in the Pac-12, and get the only upset of the day and play another game at least?
MISSY PETERSON: Yeah, totally, like she said, winning in this conference, individual win in women's basketball is huge, period. Nobody you play, especially in the Pac-12, is an easy game. We knew it was going to be hard. We had what we got and laid it on the floor tonight. We weren't ready for it to be our last game. We wanted one more. So when the buzzer went off and we won that game, we were so excited.

Nothing feels better than a win, and especially with the people you love. So it was great, we love it.

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