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March 7, 2019

Lindsay Whalen

Kenisha Bell

Destiny Pitts

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana - 66, Minnesota - 58

LINDSAY WHALEN: They punched first, and for us, unfortunately it was just too much to come back from. They had 20 points in the paint in the first half. Second half they only had six. Our kids didn't quit. They stuck together in the second half, but it was too much to come back from in the first half.

Q. Did you ever feel like you actually got into a rhythm?
LINDSAY WHALEN: No, not really. When we played off our defense a little bit, then we were -- then we got some things going. But other than that, they kind of sagged off of us, and they really crowded the paint. It was just -- you know, they had obviously a really good game plan.

Q. Seemed like you guys were sometimes trying to do a little bit of hero ball and getting sagged on by three people and still trying to get the ball out.
LINDSAY WHALEN: Well, I think everybody was trying to make a play at a certain point. That's what happens when you kind of get frustrated. We got a little frustrated, and we weren't able to make some of those reads, like you said, and get it to the open player. So yeah, we'll have to watch the tape back and kind of see and learn from it, and we'll go from there.

Q. Obviously your season probably isn't done. There's the WNIT I would imagine that you're anticipating.
LINDSAY WHALEN: Yeah, I told the guys we'll just see what happens. Two Mondays from now, on selection night, and then we'll see where we go, and then we'll just go from there.

Q. What was it about their game plan that worked tonight?
DESTINY PITTS: I mean, really they just packed the paint and just did a good job of trying to keep their individual player in front of us.

Q. How frustrating was it -- was this a little more frustrating because it was so hard to get over the hump?
DESTINY PITTS: Yeah, I will say it was definitely frustrating because I know how good we are as a team and how hard we work together. Just to kind of not see our shots fall in the first half and then us work so hard the second half and not be able to get the success we wanted, I would say it's very frustrating.

Q. How did the game play out from your perspective?
KENISHA BELL: I mean, we weren't hitting shots, and they was kind of coming down getting every shot that they wanted. We didn't really play the defense that we usually play. They had the momentum coming out, as well, because they knew they needed to win to get to the NCAA Tournament.

Q. How frustrating did it get? You guys were getting some shots, they just weren't going down.
KENISHA BELL: It was really frustrating just because you know you can hit those shots, and this is a time where you kind of need them. In every game you've got to come to play basically because you don't know if it's your last or not.

Q. You were able to kind of get the defense squared away there after that first quarter, but it just wasn't -- you couldn't quite get over the hump. You came within six a few times.
KENISHA BELL: Yeah, we were fighting. We didn't give up. The whole game we knew that it still mattered even though we were down 10. We've been in games where multiple teams came back from a 10-point lead or down 10 and came back and won, so we knew that we were still in the game. We just needed a little more time that we should have made up for the first half.

Q. What were they doing defensively to make it so difficult to find a rhythm?
KENISHA BELL: They were packing the paint. They had really their whole five kind of sitting in the paint and we wasn't hitting shots, so it was making it easy for them to kind of guard us.

Q. Obviously in two weeks you'll find out where you're going, and probably the NIT. It's not the NCAA, but to continue playing with this group, are you looking forward to that?
KENISHA BELL: I'm looking forward to anything, but I definitely would hope it would be NCAA before anything. But I mean, if I can get one last shot playing with the group of girls that we've got, then I'll take it.

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