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March 7, 2019

Keith Mitchell

Orlando, Florida

Q. 1-under 71 today, if you can just assess your round for the guys?
KEITH MITCHELL: I played great. Putted great. Just made two bad swings. I actually really didn't make a bad swing on 18 when I made six. The wind just kind of switched on us in mid air and I caught a gust and came up about three yards short in the water. So that was unfortunate. Then I made a bad swing on 9, trying to guide it out in the fairway and I don't usually do that, so other than that I played great.

Q. Talk about what it's been like the last few days and then having to focus, get back refocused on your game today.
KEITH MITCHELL: It's tough. Once you get on the first tee though it's everything comes back to normal. I only played four holes this week, so I never saw the front nine, but -- I played it a long time ago in an AJGA event -- but still it's tough when you don't get your normal practice session in. I feel like I probably wouldn't have made those two mistakes if I would have gotten some good time in. But again, I was enjoying Monday through Wednesday, so I'm not, it's not a complaint, it's just the reality.

Q. How tired are you?
KEITH MITCHELL: My back's a little sore, just from everything, traveling and interviews and -- I mean my back's not sore because of interviews, it's just sore in general -- but I had a lot of those. So I just need to get some PT work in, get back in the gym and try to get back to where I need to be.

Q. I would imagine 1-under par, considering how tired you are and everything from last week, pretty solid start.
KEITH MITCHELL: Yeah, it's great, it's golf, everybody gets -- nobody's ever played a perfect round. So I'm disappointed with a couple of shots, but I think I'll be able to sleep tonight, finally and looking forward to that -- especially with a late tee time tomorrow -- I feel like I'll get some good rest and try to play well on the weekend.

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