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March 7, 2019

Kevin McGuff

Dorka Juhasz

Carmen Grande

Indianapolis, Indiana

Wisconsin - 73, Ohio State - 63

COACH MCGUFF: We didn't play defense in the second half. We gave up 50 points for -- in a half. We had talked about it before the game, we've got to be the hardest playing team, and I think we were the hardest playing team in the first half, but they played harder than we did in the second half, then we quit defending, and that's what happens.

Q. The way they shot, were those just open -- from outside, were those just open looks?
COACH MCGUFF: You know, I think they made some shots -- probably shot a little better than they normally do, but we didn't adjust -- when they started making shots, we didn't make an adjustment to get a little closer and contest those shots to make them miss. Give them credit, they made a lot of big shots in the second half.

Q. Offensively you started it seemed in a pretty good flow and then just started the second half, didn't really --
COACH MCGUFF: We really looked -- we quit -- first of all, in the first half we were running in transition and really playing aggressively, and in the second half we didn't do that. We also just didn't move ourselves with the ball very well in the second half.

Q. It ended up being the same result as Rutgers the last time out, leading all the way into the fourth quarter and then kind of a collapse. Did you feel like the team put that loss behind it going into this game?
COACH MCGUFF: I thought so. I thought we were fine mentally. Like I said, we really got away from our plan, which was defending and rebounding.

Q. How tough of a result is it to have it go the same way and you guys were up the entire game?
COACH MCGUFF: Yeah, it's tough, really tough. We've had success at this tournament, and we didn't have it today. But as I told them, we didn't play hard enough in the second half, and you don't get a chance to do it over.

Q. You lost the lead at Michigan, you lost the lead last week against Rutgers. What do you take away with this group from that?
COACH MCGUFF: We've had -- on both sides of it -- we were down 18 at Penn State -- we've been on both sides of it. But usually the thing that's really been consistent for us has been our defense. That really was the key. We didn't defend.

Q. Did you feel like you guys put that Rutgers loss behind you, kind of a similar result this game? You guys were up all three quarters and then fourth quarter just kind of collapses?
CARMEN GRANDE: I definitely thought it it was behind us because we had a good first half against Rutgers, and then we kind of like -- nobody could pass or catch against the pressure, so that's never helpful. But coming into here, it was a fresh new game, and I don't think we thought about that much.

Q. How would you kind of characterize that second half? Was it more defensive lapses or did they just catch fire?
CARMEN GRANDE: Well, I think that they were making -- well, in the tourney you make shots initially maybe you don't make, but at the same time, we were not there to contest them, so like there's more chance of them making them. And just the energy, yeah.

Q. How tough is this for you knowing that this is maybe one of your last games?
CARMEN GRANDE: Well, I mean, I've had four great years at Ohio State here, but I definitely don't want it to end. Like if I could buy another year, I would. So I don't like it.

Q. Having played these guys twice and won twice, and I know you had a lead at home and they came back, did that play into it, the fact that you were so familiar with them? Did they do things differently in this game?
CARMEN GRANDE: You definitely adapt when you've played them more, and we've played them recently, so I think it played in favor of both of the teams because like we knew each other's tendencies and stuff like that, and we didn't have to like go back to three months ago and see what the other team did. Like we just had it fresh.

Q. Your team started so strong offensively and just seemed to be in the flow, and then that kind of -- the longer it went, it seemed like you got more and more frustrated with their zone. How did you feel you guys played offensively?
CARMEN GRANDE: I think that we were not getting the best looks that we get, so props to them because they had a match-up zone that was tough. Just, I guess, not making a shot, kind of getting ahead of ourselves, and then not getting a stop. But yeah, props to them. Their defense was great, and we didn't have the right mind to attack it.

Q. Can you just talk about what happened from your perspective? You had a strong rebounding game, but the offense just didn't seem to be what it should be.
DORKA JUHASZ: Yes, I would say in the first half we started really good. We gave it a really good start, like toughness, and just like going for every board, rebounds, and I don't know what happened, but we came out and they just got I don't know how much run, but they got a really good run. They were tougher. It's hard to say, but they were tougher. They got the rebounds. They made every shot, every threes, and it's just hard if they start falling in. Then we just didn't complete -- or I don't know what happened, but it was definitely hard.

Q. You prided yourself all year on being so tough and having to be scrappy. How does it go away? Do they just -- Wisconsin just seemed to seize on and became the tougher team today it seemed.
DORKA JUHASZ: There were like harder moments when our shots did not fall. We cannot score any -- they were just scoring and scoring from three, and they shot around 70 percent from three, which is really amazing. And we knew that it will be like we beat them twice, but we knew that tournament, it's another -- all the teams are new. Everybody is coming for something, and we did not achieve our goal.

Q. What do you take from this season, this learning experience? You're a freshman; this is painful. It'll be a whole new team this year except for a few of you. What do you take from that?
DORKA JUHASZ: I would think that this season was a great learning season for me especially as a freshman. I got a lot of playing time, and I think after my injury it was a good year for me. But definitely just like how the season goes, how we have to start in the non-conference games hard, and we have to win games there. So for the Big Ten we have to be the best team that we can be. For the tournament, we have to focus every game just like step by step, and definitely will be a good just like learning experience that now it didn't go in our way.

Q. The Big Ten Tournament ends early, but it looks like you guys are going to be able to play a little bit more for the WNIT coming up. What's there left to play for for the couple of seniors you have?
DORKA JUHASZ: I think we should just give what we have left and show that we are better than this, and for the rest of the games just give our best and finish a great season together.

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