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March 7, 2019

Tina Thompson

Jocelyn Willoughby

Dominique Toussaint

Greensboro, North Carolina

Syracuse - 67, Virginia - 57

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by head coach Tina Thompson followed by Jocelyn Willoughby and Dominique Toussaint. Coach, a brief opening statement.

COACH THOMPSON: I thought that my kids were tough today. We played a 40-minute game. Of course, there were some things that we felt didn't go our way. But, I mean, we're not the personality that we're going to make excuses about how the game goes, whether we win or lose.

But I thought that we played tough, that we did not back down at any point and we continued to take the fight to Syracuse. Early on they shot the ball extremely well. Their 3-point shots definitely put some distance between us and them. But we recovered. And we continued to try to get to the things we do well.


Q. Coach, they employed that full-court press from the opening tip. Did they employ it the same way during the regular season? And how did you see that affect you guys especially early in the game?
COACH THOMPSON: Well, no, I mean it's pretty much a very similar game plan from the first game of the regular season. I think they did a lot more substituting this game, which was pretty smart to kind of keep sending fresh bodies at us considering the numbers that we have.

But they didn't do much different. They shot the ball a little bit better this game than they did up in Syracuse. But very similar game plan.

Q. Coach or Dominique, Dominique, you got into foul trouble pretty early in the second half. How did that change the pace of the game for you dies?
DOMINIQUE TOUSSAINT: Personally, it was kind of difficult to get into a rhythm when you have foul trouble like that. You play a little hesitant, especially on defense, because you never know what the ref is going to call. But I knew when I was on the bench I had to be ready for my team because I was going to go back in.

COACH THOMPSON: I just think it's pretty just tough to adjust when you feel like the same things are happening on both ends and you're getting calls and we're not. So it's not that we have to adjust to a complete, I guess, game in the sense that you are -- there's a lot of foul calls or there are little and it's very physical. So I personally didn't know how to tell her to guard in general just because it was just tough.

Q. Coach and Dom, when Dom got her fifth foul you met her at the bench, you draped your arm over her shoulder. She's meant so much this year. What did you tell her at that moment?
COACH THOMPSON: I told her I was proud of her and she had a great season and she played tough. Our team, when we talked about it quite a bit, just kind of the obstacles that we face and the hurdles we've had to jump over. But my girls show up every single day, competing and giving their absolute best.

So it was just a "don't hang your head," because you have nothing to be ashamed about; that you brought it today as you do every single day and that's something to -- it's honorable. It's something to be proud of.

Q. With Jocelyn Willoughby back into so many games the second half of this season, the moment you got that fifth foul, what was that moment like for you?
DOMINIQUE TOUSSAINT: Well, I thought at that point I thought she was going to score, so that's why I fouled her. But it was kind of just like a sad moment because I had to come off the court one more time for the last time this year. So it was just a sad moment.


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