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March 6, 2019

Sharon Versyp

Lyndsey Whilby

Karissa McLaughlin

Indianapolis, Indiana

Purdue - 72, Illinois - 60

Q. Can you speak to the performance from your bench today?
SHARON VERSYP: Well, everybody has to step up, you know, and we got into some foul trouble, and then others just played really well. And I thought Nyagoa came in and did some great things defensively rebounding wise. And obviously Whilby coming in and was a huge X factor on both ends of the floor. Scoring 14 points was big, attacking the hole as well as shooting the ball. Those are things that -- the ball was falling in, and it was good because a lot of people were shooting the ball well, so it kind of opened things up for everybody.

Q. Do you expect to get that type of performance all around from multiple players today?
SHARON VERSYP: I mean, everybody said they wanted to step up and help their team, so this is what we needed all season consistently. But again, we're a very immature young team, but we have to play consistent in order to do well, especially in a tournament like this. We've got to have the right mindset, everybody has got to be confident and bring their part and their game.

Q. Looking ahead to next game, what do you want to bring to this game?
SHARON VERSYP: Same thing. We just want to bring the same type of energy, same type of offense, clicking, being aggressive. And then I thought our defense was very solid for a good three and-a-half quarters, so that's something that we want to do.

Q. Are those all the things you worked on in practice?
SHARON VERSYP: We've been working on it all year. Just when people start knocking down shots, it just opens up for everybody else, and it just builds confidence with everybody else.

Q. How important was that third quarter run you guys went on?
SHARON VERSYP: Oh, any time you can have a run in any of the quarters it's important to try to cause a team to, I guess, doubt themselves a little bit. So we really came out strong, were able to make a good stretch, and we did it on the defensive end rebounding and then being able to get down the floor and score in transition, which we haven't done very well.

Q. How did you get your groove back a little bit today?
KARISSA McLAUGHLIN: It felt good, especially now that we're in postseason. But everyone had their groove back. Everyone was playing with energy. Our key players were hitting big-time shots, and that's what we needed. So people stepped up when they needed to, and it was phenomenal to see.

Q. What was the game plan to shut down Alex Wittinger? She usually has about 15 points.
KARISSA McLAUGHLIN: Yeah, we were trying to double-team her and we were trying to get the ball out of her hands as much as possible. Ae'Rianna and (indiscernible), they did a great job making sure she got it out far away from the basket so she wasn't able to score as easy. And we knew going in she was rebounding like phenomenal, so we had key players that stepped up and played great defense on her.

Q. Can you talk about Lyndsey's performance off the bench?
KARISSA McLAUGHLIN: She was phenomenal tonight. I mean, she played out of her mind. She was hitting the big-time shots that she needed to. This is the confidence that she needed, so I'm so happy for her that she gained this confidence going into the postseason, and hopefully she can carry it out tomorrow, as well.

Q. Was there an emphasis on kind of speeding the tempo up today?
KARISSA McLAUGHLIN: Yeah, we tried to control the tempo from the very get-go, and I think that we did that. Kayana, being our point guard, she tries to push the ball as much as possible, and that really gets us going, and I think that we continue to do that and we'll be successful.

Q. What was your focus today off the bench?
LYNDSEY WHILBY: Just wanted to win the game. Wanted to help the team anyway I could.

Q. Did you kind of expect to have the performance you did today?
LYNDSEY WHILBY: No. I mean, I just wanted to help the team anyway I can. Today was just the day that the ball went in for me.

Q. Is this kind of the performance that you think you're expecting to have because you're been doing this all season.
LYNDSEY WHILBY: Yeah, just trying to be consistent and keep it going, yeah.

Q. Can you speak kind of to the team performance once you went to the team? Usually your team kind of struggles once you get to the bench, but today you had an explosion.
LYNDSEY WHILBY: We just played defense, and our defense turned into offense, so that's what helped us.

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