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March 3, 2019

Brad Keselowski

Joey Logano

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. You conjure up comments from the captain about how you race teammates, rules?
JOEY LOGANO: He says race, and I told everyone from PENNZOIL today, they said this race is bigger than the Daytona 500 for them, to win the PENNZOIL 400, and I said we're going to be doing donuts in that infield after the race. We were able to do it. What a great race. You guys enjoy that? Man, what a great race.
Brad and I were so evenly matched, and the way the draft works, you just can't drive away. My car got tight there the last five, six laps, and Brad was catching me so quick, and I got stuck behind a lap car, and I was like, oh, man, but man that was so close, and to be able to get it there at the end was a lot of fun. My heart is still running, but what a great team to get back in Victory Lane after last year, to get us back into the Playoffs is a nice feeling, and we can go on and race aggressively towards the Chase.

Q. What were you thinking when you looked up in the mirror and you saw him making his attempt on the last lap coming down the backstretch?
JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, I figured he was going to run that wall down there, and he did, and he made up more time than I thought he would, and then I thought, man, I've run the wall, I think that's where I've got to run to beat him, and when he went‑‑ I knew he was going to go wherever I didn't, and he made such a good run down there at the bottom, so tight, grinding the fronts off, almost hit the wall and was able to just barely clear him there at the end to be able to bring it to Victory Lane.
Team Penske one, two, shows the speed we've got. We had a lot of speed last week. Brad was able to get it, and this week obviously with him second and us first, what a great day for Team Penske and Ford.

Q. Brad Keselowski, you started mid‑pack today, even tapped the wall at one point, and it seemed like your car was best it had been all day long. If you had one more lap, though, would you have anything for Joey Logano?
BRAD KESELOWSKI: I'd sure like to find out, but you're right, this Discount Tire Ford Mustang was really strong, and I thought it was a pretty good race. I passed Joey with the lap traffic there and caught a break there, and then lap traffic cost me the lead to Joey and he pulled a good slide job, and I tried to pull it back and I was just a touch too nice to him.
But sorry it was a really good day, really happy for Team Penske and our team.

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