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March 3, 2019

Justin Thomas

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Q. Everybody wants to know your reaction to the USGA PR Tweet.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it was a little shocking. You know, I've had communication with the USGA, and I've talked with a couple of people about how I feel about having conversations with them, about what myself and the players think. It was a little upsetting just because it was inaccurate. I haven't canceled anything, especially any meetings, but it is what it is, and all I want is the best for the game of golf and the best for the sport, and that's what we're going to continue to try to communicate with each other to get that.

Q. They said a meeting has been scheduled. Is there one set up between you and John, I guess?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Not that I know of. That's the hard part. We've tried to get on a couple calls, and I was in the middle of this three-week stretch, so I was like, look, I'm sorry, this time isn't very good. But we're definitely going to talk at some point, but we've had conversations this year multiple times with a couple different people. It's not like it hasn't happened. It's just -- it hasn't the last three weeks because I've been at a tournament, and that's my main focus.

Q. How would you describe the relationship with them, with the players with the USGA?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I mean, everybody is different. I mean, I have a good relationship with a number of guys in the USGA. It's not like I'm -- I'm not necessarily -- we don't see them very often. We see them one tournament a year. They'll occasionally come out to things here or there or run into people, but no, it's not like I see them like I see the officials here every week, so it's hard to say because they only have one event a year.

Q. Do you think that particular rule needs to be further clarified?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I just think it needs to be changed because you can -- you look what happened to Adam, where he was, he couldn't -- obviously he could back off, but he couldn't back off. He was up against the lip, and he couldn't really go left, either. We've all -- all of us at some point in our career have been in that position where the caddie is behind you and you're trying to -- kind of you're talking through it and the caddie is kind of standing there, and he's like, yeah, I think you go over there, and it's like, okay. It's very, very, very obvious when a caddie is lining a player up. It's just -- anything that can be changed rule-wise that can better the game, all of us are all for it, especially myself. But there's just -- I don't really see a way along with other players that that improves the game of golf and the rules of golf.

Q. How unfortunate is it that -- whenever there's any back and forth on Twitter and people chime in and things get twisted really, really quickly, that this is becoming a story just about every week out here? How unfortunate is that, period?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It is unfortunate. It just was -- it really hurt me. It was upsetting to me because they were putting -- the information they put out there was inaccurate in terms of me cancelling meetings, and that doesn't make me look good, and that's just when I got a little upset, and then we had talked some communication with them because I know those guys -- I've talked to them, and I've talked to them about the rules this year. We've all tried to communicate and tried to get better relationships with them. It's just -- it is what it is, and all we're looking is to better the sport and better the game.

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