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March 2, 2019

Vijay Singh

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Q. That was a heck of a round of golf. How good did it feel out there?
VIJAY SINGH: You know, I've been working really hard every day. I had a new move, and today it worked. But driving the ball is my issue. I was not driving the ball well at all. The first two days I just managed to get around, and today I drove the ball well, and on a golf course like this if you drive the ball well, you're going to have a lot of opportunities.

Q. Great pitch shot at 17, even 18, left-hand low or cross-handed, whatever you want to call it. Talk about that move.
VIJAY SINGH: I've been doing it for two years, so you're a little behind.

No, I feel very comfortable. I grew up playing that way, and I just feel like it's the easiest way for me to chip, and it works.

Q. You haven't won on the PGA TOUR since 2011, but at this course --

Q. But 11 years. You knew. What's it going to take to win tomorrow?
VIJAY SINGH: Well, another round like today. I'm playing -- I played great today, and I've got the new putter that I've used, this is the second week, and it's a long putter, and that kind of inspired me, and I'm putting really well with it. Putting is another thing that kind of stopped me from scoring well, and this week I made a lot of putts with it, and I hope I can do that again tomorrow.

Q. What have you figured out these greens, the resurfaced greens, seeing them for the first time in tournament play?
VIJAY SINGH: They're quick. You've got to know where to land the ball. It doesn't break that much. I mean, I've got the green book, and I'm just kind of using that all day, all week, and just kind of trusting that and hitting it, and I'm putting really well. Hopefully it continues. New putter, new week, and tomorrow will be a new day.

Q. If you found a way to finish this off, what would that mean to you?
VIJAY SINGH: It would be great. I've worked pretty hard. I'm physically quite capable of doing it. Mentally I'm going to go out there and see how my mind works. If I just don't let anything interfere, I think I can do it.

Q. How does it feel different now trying to win than when you were winning all the time in your prime?
VIJAY SINGH: I don't know. I mean, today I played really well. Today I played like I know how. I just let it go, and the swing was a lot more freer. If I did what I did today -- this is how I used to play. I don't know what I found, but I'm going to see if it's still there tomorrow.

But it feels good. There is no tension in my body. Putting has been great this week. Standing over the putts, there's no fidgeting feelings or anything like that. I guarantee if I had a short putter I would feel a little tense and anxious, but this long putter, I felt pretty much nothing.

Q. Regardless of the score, the way you felt you played today, have you had that feeling? Has it been coming on? Have you had it the last couple years?
VIJAY SINGH: I do it all the time in the practice rounds and on the driving range, but it's difficult to take it out there and do it. I don't know, I just feel good right now. I feel good the way I drove the ball. There's one way that I'm hitting the ball that's really good, and I used to hit it left to right all the time, and when the ball changes and the equipment, you think you have to hit it straight, but I just went back to swinging really hard left and feeling that the ball is going to move right, and that's what happened today.

Q. I know you said earlier in the week that you were going to give yourself these next three and figure out stay here, whatever. Is your mind already kind of leaning as far as more out here?
VIJAY SINGH: It's hard work. Every time I finish playing, I feel like I've got to get up and do it again tomorrow. They should give me a cart tomorrow. (Laughter.) I deserve one.

No, it's hard work. My body, yeah, it can take it, but two weeks in a row, this will be three weeks in I play TPC, so it's going to be hard going, but I just have to make up my mind. My mind is strong, so I can just go out there and do it. I have a very good trainer, so everything is going to drive me through.

Q. What shot meant the most to you today?
VIJAY SINGH: I think the chip shot on 17 was really strong. I felt good on the tee and just got a little bit anxious, I guess, a little quick. That was one bad swing that I could take back. But the chip shot was great, and I putted it right in.

Q. Nobody has had more success in the Tiger Woods era than you did, being at No. 1 as long as you were. For these young guys who want to play their best, what would you tell them about that?
VIJAY SINGH: I think just trust yourself, believe in what you're doing, and you've got to practice. Kids don't practice anymore. It's all about ball speed and all about the TrackMan. They've got to go out there and find it a little bit, as well. I think if you go out there and have a good session with -- a good solid hour and feel great about it, you come the next day, you'll feel good about it again. Just keep believing in your TrackMan and which way -- how your ball speed is going to be, then it's going to be hard.

Q. That's something that you're known for and that you're relentless in your approach to this game. Is that still in you? Where did that --
VIJAY SINGH: I don't know. I just feel like if I'm playing well and feeling good about it, I won't practice that much, and I'll keep that feel. But I came here Monday and really I was not feeling good about any part of my game. Even the putter. So I found a putter that was really good, and just kept working towards kind of the feel of consistency in my ball-striking, and it paid off today.

Q. After this many years, is it just work?
VIJAY SINGH: I guess it's work, determination, believing in what I believe in. I just feel like if I play like I did today -- it's fun playing like -- when you aim at a target and swing the way you're supposed to and the ball comes out. That's the best feeling in the world. There's so many great shots I hit today. Feeling that, not necessarily went close to the hole but that was the feeling that I had. If I can do that, that's --

Q. I know it was a little while ago on PGA TOUR Champions when you were able to finish off with that win. Is there any value you take from that into the season?
VIJAY SINGH: I mean, playing the Champions Tour you've got to make a lot of birdies. It's all about making a lot of putts, a lot of birdies there. That brings, I guess, aggression out of you, and you go out there and you know you have to make birdies. It's just like the Web kids coming over here. They feel the same way, they're going to make a ton of birdies. I think anything I take away, it's that. You've got to score well on the Champions Tour just like you've got to score well here.

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