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March 2, 2019

Keith Mitchell

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Q. Before your round, you and I were talking about what it was like going out in the final group. How do you feel like you handled those nerves and emotions here in the third round?
KEITH MITCHELL: I feel like I handled them pretty well today. I wasn't firing on all cylinders the last couple holes. To get through the Bear Trap just 1-over par is pretty -- I'm not upset with it, but I definitely knew I could have done better. Just the nerves through there where I could definitely feel them, I felt like I did pretty well. I wanted to hit a few better shots coming down the stretch, but I'm pleased with being second going into tomorrow.

Q. The wind was pretty relaxed today compared to times in the past, especially on the weekend. How were you able to take advantage of the opportunities when you did have them? I know the early morning guys got a few more birdie opportunities, but how did the course play this afternoon?
KEITH MITCHELL: I would like to say it laid down on the back nine, but there were still some gusts, and the hard part is when it's gusting, it can catch you in the middle of a shot. It definitely calmed, but the problem is it almost played just as hard because it was going not much and then a ton. I felt like I did pretty well doing that. There was a couple shots, almost hit it over the green on 15. That's the one mistake you don't do. So I got lucky enough that it stayed on the back. All in all, look forward to tomorrow.

Q. With the position you're in going into tomorrow, how do you attack this course? Is there a number you need to get to before you get to the back nine and that infamous Bear Trap?
KEITH MITCHELL: I don't think there's a number on this course. A lot of times pars are a good score. I started the day tied for first, shot even, now I'm tied for second. I don't think you can play aggressive out here. If you do, I think it will eat you because this golf course is tough. I played it in Q-school, and I didn't make it through a lot of guys that came down the stretch with all that pressure. It's tough. We're just going to try to hit it to maybe a flag or two, be aggressive, but I'll tell you what, almost all of them I'll play conservative.

Q. What did you make overall of the day and what you were able to accomplish fighting your nerves a little bit? Is there anything you learned about yourself?
KEITH MITCHELL: I've been here before now. The last time I was in the last group on Saturday, I played terrible, and the last time I was in the final group on Sunday, I played terrible. I think it's just having the experience of being there and knowing that you're supposed to be there because you played well to get there. Unfortunately I'm not in the last group tomorrow, but only being one shot back, I'm excited.

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