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March 2, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Republic of Singapore

Q. Your caddie, Dave Brooker, has been saying you've been hitting the ball so well all week, and the putter had not been working rounds one and round two, but today you posted what so far is the lowest score. What was the big difference in your game today?
JIN YOUNG KO: Putting, definitely putting. First two days, putting was not good. So I -- I had little stress for putting, but I try just put in the pin on the hole.

So my friends say -- told me, Jin Young, how do you think about pin in, putting the hole.

So, okay, I will try today.

That's really good. It was awesome. And then I try to plan for dinner or something.

Q. So you didn't do that on Thursday and Friday; only today you put the flagstick in?

Q. And did you change any technique with your putting, or no, same technique?
JIN YOUNG KO: Same technique. That's why I just needed about small target, the hole. So pin is target, so really brilliant.

Q. You had four birdies on the front nine. What was the longest birdie putt you made today?
JIN YOUNG KO: I think four meters.

Q. Which hole was that?

Q. Now, you had a bogey on 17, but a lovely finish on 18 to finish with a birdie, 6-under round. You are in contention for this title. What would it mean to you? You've won as a non-LPGA member in 2017. You won the Australian Open as an LPGA member last year. How important is it for you to win early in the 2019 season?
JIN YOUNG KO: Always win is good for me. Then all players want to get to win all season, so if I win for tomorrow, I think I will be crying on the green (laughing).

Q. It's a great leaderboard here. The world No. 1 here, Ariya Jutanugarn is in top position, Sung Hyun Park is up there. How much does it mean to you as a player when you are playing well in a tournament where the best players are playing well?
JIN YOUNG KO: Really happy because other players, driver so far, irons so close, putting, every putt make birdie. So sometimes pressure to me but it's really good for -- better than players, so I'm really happy with that.

Q. You have a very experienced caddie on your bag, Dave Brooker. How much does he bring to Team Jin Young Ko? What is his impact? How much do you rely on him?
JIN YOUNG KO: Dave, he knows everything on the course, about wind, break, distance, everything, yeah. He's really good.

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