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October 20, 2005

Steve Lowery


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Steve, for joining us for a few minutes here in the media center. Great start, started out with that eagle, two eagles today, no bogeys, and first one out like Beem was on the other side. Talk about the day a little bit.

STEVE LOWERY: It was hot and humid this morning, with the dew evaporating. I got off to a great start and made a nice putt on 1 for eagle, kind of kept some momentum going from last week and just played good, shot 30 on the front with two eagles, drove the ball in the fairway, hit a lot of greens and didn't make all of them, but I made a lot of them.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: What are you doing differently? Obviously the last two weeks the last five rounds have been

STEVE LOWERY: Holing more putts and driving the ball in the fairway I think has been key. Certainly with the wet Bermuda rough here you've got to hit the fairway. I'd say that's probably the key.

Q. Give us a blow by blow.

JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Let's do all your eagles and birdies.

STEVE LOWERY: Let's see, driver, 5 iron on 1, I'm estimating about 45 feet.

3, the birdie, par 3, hit a 7 iron about five feet.

Eagle on 7, driver, 6 iron to about 12 feet.

9, birdie, hit a 5 wood off the tee and I hit an 8 iron about four feet.

Birdie on 12, 4 iron about I made a long one there, about 35 feet there.

14, hit driver, 3 wood about 25 feet from the hole, two putted for birdie.

Q. A little more urgency the last couple weeks? Is that too simple of an explanation for sort of the perking up of play?

STEVE LOWERY: Earlier in the year I was playing to win golf tournaments and wasn't making cuts. I tried to just play to win the golf tournament, and even last week I don't know, I mean, things just come around, confidence, momentum is the only thing I can say. Driving the ball in the fairway more, holing some of the putts, not really doing anything any different, just getting putts to go in at the right time, getting the right save here and there, keeping the round going.

Q. Do you still have any sort of hometown vibe when you come back here? I know it's been three, four years now.

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, '99 is when I moved out of here, so it's been a while. Yeah, Bay Hill area. I've got a lot of friends up there, so I think more Bay Hill than with down here, but yeah, absolutely.

Q. Talk about just being the first guy off the tee because coincidentally or not, Rich was the first guy off on his side, and fewer footprints I suppose or whatever it's like being the guy who's blazing the trail?

STEVE LOWERY: Yeah, the greens were definitely smooth, the first ones out there, no pace issues. The amateurs we played with were great players, got up, got out of the way and just flowed. Once they saw me making some birdies and eagles, it was just a flow the whole day. It went nice, it really did.


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