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February 24, 2019

Jenny Shin

Chonburi, Thailand

Q. Just quickly talk about your performance today overall.
JENNY SHIN: I mean, I had a really slow start but it was a pretty good finish. I had four birdies in the back. I pulled my oblique muscle on the second hole and I was really struggling to open up my hips after that.

A few holes in a row I blocked all my shots, and that's what happened on No. 8, the par-3. I ended up pulling it left in the bunker.

Thank God there was a suspension, because I went inside and got a lot of work done on my body. That helped a lot of. Got to give it up for the physios.

After that I hit some great shots coming in. Hit some great putts coming in. Most importantly, bogey-free was important.

Q. How do you feel right now? Is there any pain?
JENNY SHIN: There is still 20% of pain, but it was totally something I could enduring during the round. In the beginning the front nine, after the second hole it was extremely painful, so I'm happy with where I am.

Going to need some work done next week before the tournament starts.

Q. Overall for this week are you happy with your performance?
JENNY SHIN: That's the same question.

Q. They have this write in English, yeah.
JENNY SHIN: Yeah, I'm pretty happy. First time I ever missed an Australian Open in nine-year career. I was pretty not worried, but I was like, Thailand is going to be hot. Am I going to be able to perform well?

Because I don't have too many good results in Thailand. I've had great results in Singapore, but Thailand has always been kind of a downer for me.

So I came to the tournament expecting not too much. I just wanted to get a good start, and I was able to do that, so pretty happy.

Q. Do you feel like the fan from the other places in Thailand, like are they...
JENNY SHIN: Unfortunately I haven't been anywhere else other than Pattaya in Thailand. I did find a lot of Korean fans out here cheering for the Koreans, and that was really supportive. They were cheering for both Amy and I. Obviously Amy put on a flawless performance. It was amazing to watch side by side.

So the crowd is very similar to any Asian tournament. It was great.

Q. For this season, like do you have any goals set for yourself?
JENNY SHIN: You know, gave myself a lot of opportunities like this. I want to be in contention as much as possible this year. I didn't get to do that the last two years after my win.

Probably hit my driver straight and then made more putts. Seems like that's what you need out here. Minjee and Amy were making everything. They weren't even easy putts. They were all over 30 feet. I know what I got to do, and I hope to achieve some.

Q. How do you feel about your game now? Did you do anything special like during the break?
JENNY SHIN: I think practicing in Vegas in a really nice condition, especially the greens were really fast and very resembling the greens here, because we practice in bermuda. I did a lot of downhill putts and I faced a lot of that out there the last four days. It was helpful.

I hit more balls than I did the last few off-seasons. Worked out longer. Taking that week off before the Australian Open gave my a little more time to prepare, so, yeah.

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