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February 23, 2019

Carlota Ciganda

Chonburi, Thailand

Q. Pretty hot out there today. How are you dealing with the heat?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: It was really hot. I was just drinking and drinking ing lots of electrolyte drinks, lots of water. I'm playing good. I'm happy with the way I am on the leaderboard.

Q. Tell us where on the golf course you really felt you took advantage today?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: I started really well. I started with birdie on 1, birdie on 3, hit it close on 5, bogey on 6. I think the par-5s I'm playing good. I'm not scoring as good, but I'm hitting the ball long so I have shorter irons into the green.

I think if I can (indiscernible) tomorrow, it will be a good round for me.

Q. Over the off-season you're known for kind of taking it pretty easy. You take some time off. You often go back home. What did you get up to?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, once the season is ever I like it go home, relax, spend some time with my family. I went skiing for a few days to Colorado, and then just chilling in Spain, Christmas, lots of food.

Then I been playing in Phoenix for four, five weeks before starting the season last week in Australia. I feel I am ready and I am excited for the new year. Yeah, I am very happy.

Q. During the time in Phoenix, what kind of things were you really honing in on?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: I bought a TrackMan at the end of last year, so I been working a lot on my wedges and the distances with my coach. We're not changing too much on the short game. We been together now for four years, so it's just small change and we finish what we been doing over the last two years.

Yeah, lots of short game, putting, and, yeah, I need to make a few more putts.

Q. One last question. A little bit of a change on the bag this week. Your lovely partner, Jaime, has taken the reins.
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, it's been a little bit different this week. So during my last week in Australia, my caddies, he had a cough and he was just not feeling very well on Sunday. He had some fever. Then the flight from Australia to Thailand he didn't feel great, and he send me a text on Tuesday that he wasn't feeling very well. I said, You can just come Thursday. He was very week, his voice was shaking, so he said he had to take the week off. My boyfriend is helping me a lot.

Yeah, very happy.

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