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September 30, 1999

Venus Williams


WTA: Questions for Venus.

Q. A Grand Slam tournament like US Open is more important than the Grand Slam Cup. In how far is it a real revenge against Martina Hingis tomorrow?

VENUS WILLIAMS: It's not about revenge. It's about going out there and winning matches. I wanted to win this match just like I wanted to win the last one. I'll just have to play better. I think I'm playing better. Serving a little better.

Q. Today's match against Barbara Schett, what do you think, she's not very long in the Top 10, do you think she belongs there? You can compare the top players to her.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I definitely think she belongs there. She's worked hard to get there and she's playing very good tennis. She's playing a Top 10 player tennis. She's playing I think a lot of the big points well. She's just really improved her game from last -- since the first time I played her in Wimbledon and since I played her now. I think I just played pretty good today, though.

Q. After your younger sister has won a Grand Slam tournament, is it now a special motivation for you as quick as possible to win one, as well?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think anytime you get in a rush, things don't go right. So I'm not in a rush. Naturally, I want to win every tournament I play, every Grand Slam I play. But to really be in a rush, be tight about it, things don't go well. Every tournament I go into, I'll do my best.

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