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February 16, 2019

Karl-Anthony Towns

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. All-Star Weekend. How did it feel being selected?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: It was big. It was big, just being able to have this moment with my family and my friends. It was an amazing moment. You just get emotional thinking about all the things you had to go through to get to this point, and I'm very excited to have made it to this point and succeeded and prevailed.

Q. On being at All-Star with close friend D'Angelo Russell and with former Kentucky teammate Devin Booker?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: It's amazing. When your brother is with you in this journey and gets to celebrate one of the biggest weekends in sports, it's amazing. So I'm blessed to be able to share this moment with my brother. We're going to watch our brother tonight in the three-point contest tear it up and defend his title. It's just an amazing family event we're having here.

Q. Karl, so I'm here to set the record straight.
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I already knew where this is going.

Q. I'm going to let you start and tell the people about the one-on-one. Tell me what you did.
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: When I was on the one-on-one. We were at the NBA Top 100 camp in Virginia. Looking fly as always, swag juice was dripping. I just heard these murmurs, this man, this man they call Junkyard Dog [former NBA player Jerome Williams]. I was like, oh, I don't know no dog. They said, this guy has been talking. He's been beating everyone at camp. He says he wants to challenge you. Now, I don't possess any dogs in my household, so I made sure to make some room for one.

What I did was I went in there, long story short, swept the floor, waxed it a little bit, maybe put a little spit shine on there too. I don't want to say that. And then I just left, and then I left the camp. I went back home. I jumped in my minivan from Enterprise and walked right back home.

Q. What was your very first basketball rivalry
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I would say it was in high school. A real rivalry, we first -- East Brunswick in New Jersey, amazing team that had Amir Bell, who played at Princeton, Rob Ukawuba played at [NJIT]. They had some other great players. I feel bad that I'm not mentioning them. They had an amazing team, and they gave us problems every year. We were ranked. We were state champions and all, but the one team we always had the most trouble with was East Brunswick. No matter how good we were and how great they were, the game was always talk and always came down to last second shots or came down to last minute plays.

Shout out to Amir Bell and Rob Ukawuba. Those guys were amazing. They made my high school career fun. You always want to play against the best, and they for sure were the best opponents I ever played against.

Q. On Devin Booker's chances to become an All-Star:
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I think the biggest thing is just keep playing his game. He could have had a shot and should have deserved a spot this All-Star Weekend, but you can't be worrying about that. He just got to come next year and make it undeniable for him to be in here. He's already regarded as a top talent in this league. Everyone knows that. No one disagrees. Now it's just for him to go out there and make it undeniable for him to be here on Sunday.

Q. We're celebrating Michael Jordan's birthday this weekend, greatest of all time. What are you the GOAT at?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I don't know, myself. Being Karl-Anthony Towns. Myself, I would say video games.

Q. Do you got a particular video game you're good at?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: I'm pretty good at all of them. I'm just a gamer. I've been playing games since I was young. I play them all.

Q. Sports games?
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: Everything. Sports, Tetris, puzzles, you name it. Call of Duty, you name it.

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