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February 16, 2019

LaMarcus Aldridge

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Does this ever get old?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: No. It's fun still.

Q. What's a part of your legacy as you look back, knowing that you've been on all these All-Stars?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: It's going to mean a lot. I think it's going to mean more when I'm looking back at it, because in the moment you try to stay hungry to get better, do more. When I'm at home and I'm looking back at it, it's going to be pretty nice.

Q. On the All-Star experience:
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: You learn how to handle this weekend. You learn to never be on time for anything because everything is going to be late. So when you learn to not stress, not be on time, kind of just ease into it, it's just easier for you.

Q. What does it mean to represent the Spurs like you did last year?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: It's an honor. We've tried to always do things the right way. We try to play basketball the right way. It's paid off for -- I think it's been like 21, 22 years straight [San Antonio has had at least one selection in 21 consecutive All-Star Games]. That's a big honor for us, for sure.

Q. Can you talk about Dirk's influence on the league, his legacy. Battles in the past.
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: I've always been a big fan of Dirk's. I'm from Dallas. He's always showed me much love. He kind of made it okay to shoot jump shots. KG was a fadeaway guy. Tim and those guys, they made it okay too. But Dirk kind of took it to the next level and showed people that you can take jump shots and still win.

So I feel like he made it okay for guys, for big men to take jump shots, and he mastered it for sure.

Q. What's your best moment together?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: I can't even remember. We had some good times. He's a competitive guy. I'm a competitive guy. We just get out there and go at it, and then after the game, it's all good.

Q. They compare you to him. Do you think you're the closest guy in terms of talent and skill set?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: I'm a different person, for sure. I do take some of his moves. I think I do shoot the jump shot almost as well as he did. It's an honor to even be mentioned with his name.

Q. All-Star rap roster?
LaMARCUS ALDRIDGE: My starting five on my rap roster? That's tough. You all ask me questions that take time to figure out. Jay-Z, for sure. Wayne, J. Cole. I'm missing people I listen to all the time. Rick Ross. A little bit of everybody.

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