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February 16, 2019

Kyle Lowry

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. It's Michael Jordan's birthday this weekend.
KYLE LOWRY: What's up, Mike? Happy birthday.

Q. A lot of talk about the GOAT, but in basketball, what are you the GOAT at?
KYLE LOWRY: I am the GOAT at nothing.

Q. Come on.
KYLE LOWRY: I don't know. The GOAT of something is pretty -- I'm the GOAT of acting like I care.

Q. When you need to, you can turn it on?
KYLE LOWRY: Absolutely.

Q. Ric Flair is from here. If you were a wrestler, what would your wrestling name be?
KYLE LOWRY: I need like The Pineapple, something like that. Rough on the outside, but sweet on the inside.

Q. The Prickler.
KYLE LOWRY: That's it. The Pineapple Prickler, there you go right there.

Q. What do you Marc [Gasol] and Jeremy [Lin] bring to the team that you guys didn't have before?
KYLE LOWRY: It brings toughness, experience. It brings Marc with his passing abilities, his play-making abilities. It brings a different type of look from the inside. And then with Jeremy, it gives a pace guy, a fast, another scorer, a guy who can get to the basket, penetrate. Yes, it's a lot that those two bring.

Q. Here at the All-Star Game, how is it? Are you relaxed?
KYLE LOWRY: It's always the same. It's always exciting to be here. I've got a small booth this time, though. In Toronto I had a big one because I had more media. It's always fun. I never get tired of this. I always enjoy it because you never know when it's going to be your last one. Five in a row is pretty cool, and being the last one having Dirk here and having D-Wade here, it makes it really cool. I had a chance to be with Kobe last one. It's pretty awesome.

Q. We saw OG [Anunoby] last night and Danny [Green] will be out there tonight. What do you think his chances are?
KYLE LOWRY: OG was great. It was a star-studded game. He got a couple of dunks. That type of game, he did great. I was proud of him.

Danny's just got to do better than me.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most on Sunday?
KYLE LOWRY: Just being around the fellas. I say that every year. You get an opportunity to be around these stars and these great guys, it's a great opportunity. Take advantage. Smile, laugh, have kids around. My kids always get pictures with the guys, Giannis and Steph, but even like Joker [Nikola Jokic] and [Nikola] Vucevic and Blake [Griffin], Bradley Beal. I make sure to get pictures with all these guys because all these guys are special All-Stars.

Q. Can you share with us your prediction for this season's MVP?
KYLE LOWRY: This season's MVP? Oh, wow. The three top guys, of course, James [Harden], Giannis, and PG [Paul George]. My prediction? Man, I'm going to go with Giannis. I just think the way their team's playing. I know it's going to depend on how the season finishes up, but they're one of the top teams in the league. Yeah, PG's making a strong point. And James is kind of like -- I think they should just do all three MVPs. That's my choice.

Q. What do you get MJ for his birthday?
KYLE LOWRY: Nice watch.

Q. What's it like playing with Dwyane Wade?
KYLE LOWRY: Like I just said, it's unbelievable because I get a chance to see him on his last one. To see a legend, be with a legend, unfortunately not on my team, but just to see him around. He had his dinner on Thursday. Just being around. He's a legend. It's going to be cool, but it's a bittersweet moment. It's going to be good for him.

Q. You went to the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight? What's your favorite NCAA Tournament memory?
KYLE LOWRY: My favorite personally? Just being in the Tournament, being there, having my family and friends there. I think when we beat Florida my freshman year. I had a big game. That was my favorite memory, my personal. But other than that is when Villanova won the last 2 out of 3. That's about right.

Q. When I say "Duke" you say...
KYLE LOWRY: Villanova.

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