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February 16, 2019

D'Angelo Russell

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. How are you feeling?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: I feel great. It's good to be here.

Q. Can you talk about Jarrett Allen's growth?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Yeah, I think Jarrett has grown tremendously from last year. He's definitely a specialist when it comes to blocking shots and just on the defensive end of helping, recovering. I think the sky's the limit. The guy is adding a three-point shot to his game. I think the sky's the limit for that guy.

Q. Who's your favorite for the Three-Point Contest?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: I got Joe Harris, Devin Booker. One of those guys.

Q. What's your favorite pizza?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: To be honest, I don't even eat pizza. I don't eat it. I couldn't tell you.

Q. How has it been this year with Coach Atkinson?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: He's been great. He's gotten better as well. I think just with the youth that we have on the coaching staff and as players, we're all getting better together. It's a good feeling.

Q. On his first All-Star selection:
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Just the opportunity in general to be out here in this atmosphere, to celebrate this weekend. It's a pleasure to be here.

Q. On the Nets:
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: I think we're in a great position right now. We're sitting at 6 going into the second half of the season. I think we're in a good position.

Q. On Kemba Walker:
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Kemba has always been that shifty guy that was kind of unguardable at times. You've seen him hit the three ball at a high clip as well. He's one of those guys that you can definitely depend on day in and day out to either go and give you 50 or whatever it may be. He's one of the most exciting.

Q. Best female player?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Diana Taurasi, easy. She's a legend. I know I used to watch her just dominate the fourth quarter, the way she used to do it. She can talk a little trash, too, so that caught my attention. Definitely Diana.

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