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February 16, 2019

Kevin Durant

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. What's it like being an All-Star?
KEVIN DURANT: It's still cool to be an All-Star. The fans and the coaches and your peers vote for you and you showcase your skills year by year. It's cool to be here.

Q. All that stuff you just did for the kids, the school and giving back. Explain how that sets a precedent leadership-wise around the league.
KEVIN DURANT: I think a lot of guys are doing that in their communities. It's not just me. I think it's our responsibility as athletes and people with a platform and influence to give back and impact people as much as we can.

Q. How do you keep getting better year after year? What do you do to try to perfect your skills?
KEVIN DURANT: Just try to make every shot I shoot, try not to turn the ball over, try to box out, just try to be perfect. That's my next step, is to try to be perfect. I know it's impossible, but it's a good goal to strive toward. I think every player thinks that way.

Q. On Paul George:
KEVIN DURANT: I think PG is just going out there and playing free, and understanding what his role is as a go-to scorer for the Thunder. I think him and Russ have got some nice synergy out there along with their teammates. So you're just starting to see him shine bright. I think he's always showed this stuff, but I think he has more opportunities to do so.

Q. It's MJ's birthday tomorrow. Any memorable times with him?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, let's go have dinner, and we'll talk about all of them.

Q. How about one?
KEVIN DURANT: I can't name one. There are too many of them to name.

Q. What's your best move?
KEVIN DURANT: My best move? I don't know. Go check YouTube and tell me tomorrow.

Q. How do you lead?
KEVIN DURANT: I think we all lead in different ways and do it at different times. I think we've got a lot of veteran guys. When you've got a clear-cut leader, you've got a bunch of guys who haven't experienced much, so you've got to show them the ropes. When you've got a lot of veterans, you don't really lead as far as being vocal and telling them what to do. You've got to collaborate on stuff. So everybody comes together at certain points and gives their input, which affects the whole team.

Q. What's your favorite moment of All-Star Games from the past?
KEVIN DURANT: That's a good one. Favorite moment? When I won MVP in 2012. That was kind of like a coming-out party for me as a player on that stage. It's something I always think about every day.

Q. What's your favorite basketball movie?

Q. Do you think it's important for athletes to follow in Colin Kaepernick's shoes?
KEVIN DURANT: I think it's good for athletes to stand up for what they believe in. A lot of people don't agree with what Kap is doing, but I do, and I'm going to stand behind him and support him.

Q. On playing every game this season:
KEVIN DURANT: Any chance I get to run out there is exciting to me. Whatever comes, the game of basketball is so random. It's such a field that you never know how each game is going to go. So just being available for every game is pretty cool to me.

Q. On his journey:
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, just this whole life to me, it's just been a dream. Coming from where I come from, rising up from where I rose up out of, just to be here every single day going through the ups and downs is exciting and joyful to me.

Q. Talk about your history with Dirk.
KEVIN DURANT: Having to play against somebody like that in the playoffs, you really get to see what type of person and player they are, and how they dig deep to bring out what they bring as a player. Dirk is one of those guys where you see him have a tough Game 3 and bounce back in Game 4. That shows character. That shows what he's about.

So the grind against Dirk for the couple years of the playoffs and to be battling against him in the Western Conference all these years has been a treat. Somebody that's unguardable and created a shot that really can't be blocked. His legacy is going to live forever as a baller.

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