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February 16, 2019

James Harden

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Are you prepared for the MVP?
JAMES HARDEN: I'm not worried about MVP. I'm just excited for the second half of the season, getting a full, healthy roster and taking it from there.

Q. Let me get this first one out of the way: You're the king of the beard swag. What did you condition it with this morning?
JAMES HARDEN: Conditioner. Conditioner and shampoo, making sure it's nice and fluffy. I got a haircut yesterday, so it look real good.

Q. Is there anybody else that you would take their move?
JAMES HARDEN: Yeah, if the move fits my game. I watch basketball, and not just NBA, but college, high school, and if I feel like I can incorporate something into my game, something that can help me, yeah, I'll use it.

Q. Can you talk about what you see in Kemba?
JAMES HARDEN: Kemba is different. The way he's so crafty, his ball-handling, his shot-making ability. He's been playing at a high level. One of the top players, definitely, as far as playing for the first half of the season, and he's been doing it for some years now. Definitely one of those guys that gets overlooked.

Q. The NBA is the most diverse league in the world. When you look at it, how do you see it five years from now?
JAMES HARDEN: The NBA is definitely the most diverse league, and it's going to continue to grow, continue to get better. You've got players from everywhere. Little kids from everywhere that will grow up and want to play in the NBA, and they all have a chance, especially with the training now and the availability. They just have to go out there and want it.

Q. How have your defensive skills improved the last few years?
JAMES HARDEN: Getting better, offensively and defensively. This is the best league in the world. If you stay the same, you'll be average. You've got to continue to get better every year.

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