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February 16, 2019

Paul George

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Paul, All-Star Weekend is always a fun weekend. Does it ever get old for you?
PAUL GEORGE: Never, never. It's always fun to be in this environment, be around the fans, have my family be a part of this. Just enjoy it, enjoy the weekend.

Q. Can you explain to the fans how you and [Russell] Westbrook are off to such a great start? You're getting 40s. You're getting 30s. You guys are playing great basketball.
PAUL GEORGE: I think chemistry plays a lot in that. This being my second year with Oklahoma [City], you just really get a chance to grow and develop and just unravel as teammates. I think that's just been the biggest key. No pressure going into things. We kind of know each other now. We know our play styles. We know how to get each other going, and that's the key.

You know, again, I keep hitting in on chemistry because that means a lot.

Q. And speaking of chemistry, this All-Star Game, the scoring gets bigger and bigger. Can we see maybe 200 points this Sunday?
PAUL GEORGE: You might. You might. I'm all for playing defense. Honestly, I'm all for it. Whenever we make this game and really make this for the fans, that's what they want to see, a good game, a good challenge. I'm really not for all the lobs, the easy dunks. Let's get after it, and let's play some ball.

Q. What has been the difference for you this year?
PAUL GEORGE: I think honestly it's more so just me being in a comfortable place. Obviously, I'm a different player than what I was three, four years ago. I just feel like everything up until this point, I've just learned and kind of just developed into my own. And then obviously, I work hard. I work a lot.

Q. On the Thunder:
PAUL GEORGE: We got a lot on this team right now. I'm not sure what's missing. We're not in The Finals. We're not in the playoffs. I think what we've got is enough. Me and Russ can shoulder it, and we've got a lot of help around us, a lot of support.

Q. For guys to see up close, sometimes guys will be like taking little pieces of his game or his game, Kyrie's crossover. If you could take these pieces from All-Star Weekend, what would you take?
PAUL GEORGE: I'm going to take the Giannis' long-step dunk. He's shooting like 80 percent in the paint. So if I can get that long-step dunk down, who knows? I might be around 40 a game as opposed to 29 a game.

Q. What do you think guys will take from you?
PAUL GEORGE: I'm not sure. I'm not sure. I think just my dribble. My dribble into the threes. I think that's been a good shot for me this year and something I think I could teach other guys.

Q. PG, it's all about the big names in the league. Who do you think is rocking the tightest nickname right now?
PAUL GEORGE: Man, I think the Joker [Nikola Jokic], man. The Joker is a dope name. I think Jokic got the best nickname right now.

Q. His game is mean and triple-doubles is kind of coming thick.
PAUL GEORGE: He got tricks, man. It goes with his name. I think it fits him perfect, Jokic, the Joker. He got tricks, man. He keep you on your toes, and he puts on a show every time he's out there.

Q. You're familiar with All-Star Weekend. You know how it goes. I'm saying right now the crowds getting hyped because you score on somebody on the other end. The crowd is starting to stand up because now we're getting to see some real court action. Tell me, because they're not going to see this until after the game, what's your finishing move right now? What's your mindset?
PAUL GEORGE: I'm going to probably try to lull 'em to sleep with a little dribble action, get him shifting, get him leaning, and I'm going to raise right over him. Hit that dagger three, and let him hear about it while I'm looking at the crowd.

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