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February 16, 2019

Seth Curry

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. What is your favorite All-Star memory growing up?
SETH CURRY: Probably seeing my dad [Dell Curry] shoot in the three-point contest when we were younger. He did it twice, and he never got out of the first round. He said he performed terribly, so we've got to do better than him. That's my best memory growing up.

I'm not sure my favorite sneaker growing up. Wore a lot of different stuff. Definitely some kind of Under Armours, that's for sure. Probably the Curry 1.

Q. On Kemba Walker:
SETH CURRY: Kemba's been great, especially for the city of Charlotte, the way he's carried that leadership role, growing in his career. Had a lot on his shoulders every single season to do a lot for this team. He's been a great representative for Charlotte, for the organization. He deserves all the accolades he's gotten, especially starting in this All-Star Game, shooting in the three-point contest. It's been great watching him his entire career. I've known him since high school really.

Q. What is it like to be home here in Charlotte, to be able to see your dad?
SETH CURRY: It means everything to be back, to represent the city. Ever since I heard it was in Charlotte, I made it one of my goals to try to get back here to the three-point contest and bring it home to the city. I'm excited to be here for the three-point competition, and just to see familiar faces in the Charlotte area has been fun so far. Looking forward to another good day.

Q. How much are you looking forward to tonight?
SETH CURRY: It's going to be fun to go out there and have a backyard-like shooting competition with Steph [Curry] and all the other eight guys, you know what I'm saying? There's a lot of great shooters in this competition. I've got to beat all nine of them to win, not just Steph. Should be a fun night.

Q. Who do you think your dad support?
SETH CURRY: My dad? He'll probably support the young one. Steph already got a three-point win, so I'm sure he'll probably be a little bit more in my corner tonight.

Q. Seth, you want to talk about your dad being an influence on your career.
SETH CURRY: My dad, he's the reason why we play this game. He taught us everything we know. He allowed us to follow him around, even in this building and the old Charlotte Coliseum. We used to go with him early to practice, to games early. I mean, that's how we learned the game. Like I said, watching him, watching other NBA players on his team, the way they conducted themselves and worked out and treated their craft.

He's our role model and the reason why we're in the NBA today.

Q. On his Aunt, India Adams, who was a player at Belmont Abbey:
SETH CURRY: She can play. She can play. I was really young when she was playing in college at Belmont Abbey. She can hoop.

Q. Back in the day, dad used to come to practice, you're on the sidelines, and how many times did you think about how many shots you were going to get starting out?
SETH CURRY: That's the reason we're in the NBA today, seeing a guy like you and dad, you know what I'm saying, following him around in the gym, going to practice watching him. I had dreams of being here one day, being able to shoot in a three-point contest and playing in the NBA. That was our motivation. Watching you guys, my dad. That was priceless memories.

Q. Tonight there's a lot on the line. You know, the family bet is that whoever loses has to buy the tickets for the family for the rest of their career. Is that your mindset? Tell me your mindset going in knowing that that's on the line.
SETH CURRY: That's a big bet. It's going to be a lot of fun. I got a lot on the line. I've got to lock in. I've got to focus. I've got to make some shots. I've got to beat Steph. I've got to beat all nine to win, but for that I've just got to beat Steph. It's going to be difficult.

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