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February 16, 2019

Devin Booker

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. The Bucks are having the greatest season over the last two decades. What do you think is their secret? Why they are so tough?
DEVIN BOOKER: Playing through Giannis. He's a tough matchup. The way he handles the ball like a guard, at 7 foot. I think he took his body very serious this summer. You've seen improvements in his body. He's so strong. He bounces right off you. He can make plays for other people too.

Eric Bledsoe has been playing really well. [Khris] Middleton, first-time All-Star. So they have a really good team.

Q. This weekend is Michael Jordan's birthday. If you could get him a birthday gift, what would it be?
DEVIN BOOKER: I'm pretty sure he has everything. I don't know, honestly. I'm pretty sure he's good.

Q. Who's your favorite social media account to follow?
DEVIN BOOKER: Probably Gilbert Arenas. No Chill Gil, for sure.

Q. What about House of Highlights?
DEVIN BOOKER: I like House of Highlights. Shout-out to House of Highlights, for sure.

Q. If you could add any new rules for the game?
DEVIN BOOKER: New rules? I'd say don't divide the All-Stars up East and West. I think you should put all the best players in one pool.

Q. On Kemba Walker:
DEVIN BOOKER: Tough matchup, man. He's just so quick. He has that competitive nature, will to win. That's who I'm worried about tonight in this competition. I know he's here home in Charlotte. I know he wants this one pretty bad. It's unbelievable what he's doing this year. Carrying the team, scoring in crunch time. He's a really fun player to watch. Not fun to guard, but fun to watch.

Q. Before 1979, shooting didn't exist from the three-point line --
DEVIN BOOKER: I can't imagine that. I can't imagine that. The game has changed, I think for the better. I think it's more exciting now.

Q. What is this All-Star experience like for Deandre Ayton?
DEVIN BOOKER: It was really fun, man. I think he had a really good time. I told him to go get the MVP [of Rising Stars]. That's what I wanted out of him. No, he had fun with it. He played well. I think he had a good time. It was an experience that I think he really enjoyed.

Q. What's your most memorable NBA moment?
DEVIN BOOKER: I have a few of them. I'd say playing against D-Wade for the first time. I always tell the story on my pump fake. He jumped for it, and I took one dribble to go shoot a pull-up shot and he blocked it. I was just like, That's incredible. I watched him do it so many times, and he did the same thing to me. So playing against Dwyane Wade.

Q. On Dwyane Wade:
DEVIN BOOKER: He changed the game so much and playing the right way. Being a shooting guard that can do a little bit of everything -- facilitate, score, true winner. He's done it all. So he's a big inspiration for a lot of two-guards. I know the people that know the game know how important he is to the game.

Q. What's your favorite All-Star moment?
DEVIN BOOKER: Favorite All-Star moment? The one with Shaq in Phoenix -- was he dancing at halftime? The Jabbawockeez? There's been a lot, man. I've watched every one for I don't know how long.

Q. We're celebrating Michael Jordan's birthday this weekend.
DEVIN BOOKER: It's my brother's birthday too. Shout-out to my brother. Same day.

Q. Older or younger?

Q. You're in Charlotte. The legend here, Ric Flair. If you were a wrestler, what would your nickname be?
DEVIN BOOKER: You'd have to come up with that. I don't self-proclaim myself, you know what I'm saying?

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