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February 15, 2019

Wes Unseld Jr.

Charlotte, North Carolina - Rising Stars

Q. Coach, in a game like this, how much do you balance competitiveness with players willing just to have fun?
WES UNSELD JR.: It's a delicate balance because I think, as we've seen in these type games, there are moments and spurts where guys will get after it, but the bulk of the game is guys don't want to get hurt, they want to play free and easy. It's more of a lighthearted competition.

Q. Coach, did you have a choice between the two teams? And if you did, what would you choose the team to coach?
WES UNSELD JR.: There was no choice. It was just an assignment. Either way, for me, it's a tremendous honor. Obviously, being part of this whole weekend is a privilege. It's a credit to our team and our staff. So having this opportunity is just one in a lifetime.

Q. Coach, can you tell me someone you were really impressed with today that kind of caught you by surprise or that really stuck out in your mind in today's game?
WES UNSELD JR.: Off the top, Ben Simmons, you know, there was a tentative minute restriction, and he kept pushing back and wanted to play, wanted to compete. But even from the start of the game, he was the one guy that really brought the energy. He was aggressive. He tried to attack and play the right way. So I give him a lot of credit. He wanted to stay in the game and see it through.

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