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February 15, 2019

Ben Simmons

Charlotte, North Carolina - Rising Stars

Q. For games like this, obviously, it's about having fun and stuff out there. Just what are these games like? How do you describe them to us?
BEN SIMMONS: As you can see, not much defense. Guys just want to get up and play. I don't think it's really a serious thing. I think it's just more of a fun thing. I had a lot of fun, met a few people that I haven't really talked to in a while.

It's good, though. It's good to get out and just get up and down with guys that you don't usually play with.

Q. Who are some of the guys you got to talk to?
BEN SIMMONS: Me and Lauri go way back to last Rising Stars. It's good to see him. Shai.

There's a lot of guys out there that I haven't seen in a while. So it's good to be out there.

Q. Ben, what's it like to represent Australia in this game?
BEN SIMMONS: It's huge. Every time I step on the floor, whatever I'm doing, I'm always representing Australia and especially Philadelphia. I've got two homes now. It's always an amazing feeling stepping on the floor, knowing I'm representing something much bigger than myself and my family.

Q. Ben, you were part of a really talented rookie class yourself. From the players that you saw play today, what do you think the potential this rookie class has?
BEN SIMMONS: Which one?

Q. The rookie class this year.

Q. Yes.
BEN SIMMONS: I think the guys I've seen play, they play the right way. They play hard. It's obviously their first year playing, so it's kind of hard to see who's really standing out. Obviously, Luka, Ayton, guys like that really stand out, Trae, have been great. It's just exciting to watch them play and just the way they play. Everyone's different. Everyone has a different ability and something different that they bring to the table.

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