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February 15, 2019

Trae Young

Charlotte, North Carolina - Rising Stars

Q. Trae, how much did the game change in the third quarter? You guys started to be a little bit more competitive, right?
TRAE YOUNG: Oh, for sure. It's tough in these types of games and environments to manage how to have fun but also compete, and for us, we knew from the beginning of the game that the World Team has won the past two years. For us, we wanted to win but also at the same time have fun and enjoy it.

That third quarter, we had gotten the lead, and then we wanted to keep it there and be more competitive.

Q. Hey, Trae, last night you said that you had already played with a lot of these guys. What are some of the highlights from tonight's game? Would John's 360 be included in that?
TRAE YOUNG: Oh, for sure. I mean, I love playing with my teammate John. I think we have a great connection, and any time I can play on the court with him, it's fun. Also, I played with guys like Fox growing up, guys like Jayson, Kevin. A lot of these guys I've known for a long time. It was easy to know where they were going to be and to get a good feel of chemistry coming out here.

Q. Kuzma was shooting early and often. It seemed like he was kind of going for the MVP. You had pretty good numbers yourself. What did you think of Kuzma's game?
TRAE YOUNG: Kuz did what he's really good at, shooting the ball and scoring the ball. That's what he does. He definitely showed out tonight and put on a show. Kuz deserved the MVP. He did a great job tonight. Without his 35, we'd probably lose. So I'm happy for Kuz.

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