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February 15, 2019

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Please compare your first NBA season to the second.
BOGDAN BOGDANOVIC: A lot different. We're trying to play way faster than we used to play the first season. Trying to shoot more and more shots. Maybe it looks like not good shots, and wide-open ones, but that helps in our pace and our speed of the game, trying to make opponents tired. And run, just run.

Q. I know you're following the EuroLeague. What about Fenerbahçe rocking in Europe? And the fact that I wonder how many players do you think can go from that level to the NBA level?
BOGDAN BOGDANOVIC: Europe is a place with such talent. There are so many talents over there. Yeah, I follow Fenerbahçe. They're doing a tremendous job. They're first right now, and they're trying to have that home-court advantage for the playoffs, which is the most important thing.

Q. I'm doing a story about how Cedi Osman is viewed and perceived, like the guys who know him from overseas. So just tell me what you know.
BOGDAN BOGDANOVIC: So, of course, great guy. A guy who dedicated his life for basketball, very professional. He works hard every single day. I know his family. He's from a good family too. On the court, you know his game. He's getting better every year.

Q. Over in Turkey and Europe and all that stuff, is he considered a star? How do fans and players over there view him?
BOGDAN BOGDANOVIC: Yeah, he's one of the best players that Turkey has in history. For sure, he will be for the international team and for their nation one of the players that they will follow and they will cheer about him. In front of him is an amazing career.

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