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February 15, 2019

De'Aaron Fox

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. How much of this is just about having fun and soaking in the experience and how much is competitive juice and getting in some tough play?
De'AARON FOX: It's a little bit of everything. All-Star, guys kind of come in to take a little break from the season. But at the end of the day, people start to get competitive if the game gets close. We all come out here just to come together. You don't spend a lot of time with these guys during the season.

Come on out here and have fun. We end up still competing, but it's more so about having fun. You're around kids. You start to see fans a little bit more. It's just about enjoying yourself for this weekend.

Q. On Ben Simmons:
De'AARON FOX: He's always been great. 6-10 point guard. Can really push the ball, rebound, defend. He does everything on the court. For myself, just seeing him in the second year and being able to be an All-Star, of course it's inspiring. I just want to develop even more. I know it's another level that I have to continue trying to reach.

Q. DeAaron, do you remember the first time you ever dunked a basketball?
De'AARON FOX: The first time I ever dunked a basketball was like the end of seventh grade. It was like right when school was about to end.

Q. Where?
De'AARON FOX: I was still in middle school, and it was in like athletics class.

Q. What was your reaction afterward?
De'AARON FOX: I don't know. I was close to dunking. I had been grabbing the rim since like sixth grade. I knew I was going to dunk eventually.

Q. If you weren't a professional basketball player, what career path would you pursue?
De'AARON FOX: I probably would have majored in business. I took accounting in high school. I would have done something with numbers.

Q. Are you good with numbers?
De'AARON FOX: Yeah. I'm still good with numbers.

Q. What's your feeling of this year's Rookie of the Year?
De'AARON FOX: I think Luka is having a hell of a year. He's having a historic year as a rookie.

Q. What's your biggest fear?
De'AARON FOX: My biggest fear, I don't like scary movies. I hate scary movies. When I was 6 or 7, one of my cousins had me watch Freddy vs. Jason when it first came out. After that, all through elementary school, I wouldn't leave doors open if it was nighttime. I would make sure I closed every door. It's not a fear for me now, but Freddy vs. Jason scarred me for life. I still don't like scary movies.

Q. What was your favorite memory as a kid of the All-Star experience?
De'AARON FOX: I don't remember what year it was. I think it was in Houston. Just being able to see All-Stars walk around like it was normal. I think that was pretty cool.

Q. What would you think about having the game in Sacramento?
De'AARON FOX: I think that would be pretty cool. Any city getting it, just the community coming out and being able to support basketball and being around the guys, I think is great.

Q. As far as left-handed players, where will you rank Manu Ginobili on the all-time list?
De'AARON FOX: Man, let's see. I love Nick van Exel. A lot of people forget about Michael Redd. I think [Ginobili] is top five for what he's done in his career, his impact. He's definitely top five. I don't have a number.

Q. We are from Argentina. What is your opinion of him?
De'AARON FOX: Manu is great. I grew up in Texas, and the Spurs went to the playoffs every single year since I was born. I definitely saw a lot of Manu, and just the influence that he's had on not only basketball in Argentina, but America, Texas, San Antonio. San Antonio is not too far from where I grew up. He has a huge influence on everybody that I know.

Q. Who do you think has the best sneaker in the league right now?
De'AARON FOX: I think P.J. Tucker. When you're not signed to a brand, you're rocking anything and everything. I'm up there, though.

Q. Who on the Kings has the best collection?
De'AARON FOX: Me, for sure. Not even close. It's for sure not Marvin [Bagley III].

Q. What is your prediction on this year's MVP?
De'AARON FOX: If I had to flip a coin, I would say Giannis.

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