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February 15, 2019

Luka Doncic

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. How comfortable are you with what you're doing, and how much do you think you can get even better?
LUKA DONCIC: I think it went great from the beginning, you know. I have the trust of my teammates, the trust of my team. So it's going great, but always it can be better.

Q. Did you expect to be so successful so soon?
LUKA DONCIC: I don't think so. I didn't expect that much for sure. I was surprised a little bit, but, yeah, not so much.

Q. How has the weekend been so far?
LUKA DONCIC: It's great just to be here. My first experience here. So I'm really excited.

Q. What are you excited for the most this weekend?
LUKA DONCIC: Just being here, like I said, my first experience being here, and just enjoying this weekend.

Q. You have shown a flair for the dramatic. So far you've been able to rise to the competition, rise to the challenge. Who are you looking forward most to competing against most this weekend and why?
LUKA DONCIC: In the game or in the [Taco Bell] Skills Challenge?

Q. In the game, in the contests, either/or. Is there one player that stands out? Who's coming to mind?
LUKA DONCIC: I would probably say [Nikola] Jokic in the skills challenge. I'm excited about that.

Q. Why Jokic?
LUKA DONCIC: Because we were both from ex-Yugoslavia. And Nikola Vucevic, too. So I want to compete against them.

Q. Looking forward to crossing them over maybe, getting out them out on the skates and shaking them up a little bit?
LUKA DONCIC: Nah, just beating them in the Skills Challenge, just that.

Q. You think Dirk [Nowitzki] will be able to shoot the entire five racks in 60 seconds?
LUKA DONCIC: We'll see about that. If he's going to shoot all the shots, he's going to win it for sure.

Q. How well do you know Cedi [Osman]?
LUKA DONCIC: I know him. He speaks Serbian with me. We both speak Serbian. So we speak with each other. I knew him when I played against his team in Turkey, and we were together in the Rookie Transition Program -- I know him well.

Q. Is he a guy you looked up to in terms of being a young European star in the NBA?
LUKA DONCIC: Yeah, for sure. I think he can be really great in this league. Just keep working, and he's going to be great in this league for sure.

Q. Do you have any stories from knowing him and playing against him?
LUKA DONCIC: Not yet, not yet.

Q. What are your impressions of the Celtics' Jayson Tatum?
LUKA DONCIC: Yeah, he's amazing. Last year I remember watching the playoffs when they played. So he's just amazing. A lot of players, especially if you're a rookie, in the playoffs, it's hard to play. But he showed it, and he's an amazing player.

Q. Name the three toughest teams in the Euroleague.
LUKA DONCIC: I would say the toughest one would be Panathinaikos, Fenerbahce and Maccabi.

Q. Can you name three players from the Euroleague not in the NBA that you think can start on an NBA team.
LUKA DONCIC: There's a lot, a lot of players. [Sergio] Llull, Anthony Randolph, and [Nick] Calathes.

Q. If you got to choose five players to beat Team USA, who would you pick?
LUKA DONCIC: International players?

Q. Active.
LUKA DONCIC: Just the young players or --

Q. No, all of them.
LUKA DONCIC: [Giannis] Antetokounmpo, [Nikola] Jokic, [Kristaps] Porzingis, me, and [Goran] Dragic.

Q. Any MVP predictions for this year?
LUKA DONCIC: It would have to be [James] Harden or Antetokounmpo, one of those two for sure.

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