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February 13, 2019

Kiki Bertens

Doha, Qatar

K. BERTENS/C. Suarez Navarro

2-6, 6-1, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Are you feeling any better today? How happy are you with the win?
KIKI BERTENS: Well, I'm feeling a bit better, yeah, but still the energy is not 100% back. Just happy that I could play and happy to be through to the quarterfinals.

Q. What adjustments did you feel like you made after the first set that helped so much in the second and third?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, I think in the first set I was rushing a little bit. I wanted to play too aggressive, and it was not working well. I think Carla played well. She served well.

Then in the second set I was just waiting a little bit more but then going for my shots like where I could. I think also in the beginning of the third I was a little bit lucky here and there, but, yeah, I just take it.

Q. Beating a former champion here, you're being looked up to as the one to beat. Your ranking is much higher now. You're the first in fact to be playing with the long leggings. Can you tell us more about that? How do you see your path ahead? You play Mertens next.
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, it's a little bit cold here now at night since we played late. So yesterday I played in the leggings just to keep my body warm, and today was just the long sleeves.

But, yeah, I just like to keep myself warm. Yeah, against Elise tomorrow it's going to be a tough match. We played each other this year already in Brisbane, which was a tough three-setter. And, yeah, we know each other really well. It's just going to be a challenge tomorrow.

Q. This is your second day having to come back from a set down. What goes through your mind in that set break? Did you have a bit more confidence, like, Oh, I did it yesterday?
KIKI BERTENS: Well, I was just hoping to just play some better tennis, to be honest. It was like yesterday, same. Then today I tried really to go from the beginning, but it was not working out again.

But then it helps, yeah, that you came back yesterday from a set down. Yeah, I'm just happy that I did it today again.

Q. Just having won so many matches in a row now, how does the mindset change when you have that many successful matches under your belt?
KIKI BERTENS: Yeah, it change a lot. Because in the beginning today I was really doubting about my shots, like, Okay, I cannot do it.

Then I said to myself, But you can, because you won a lot of matches lately.

So I think that helps for sure for your confidence. Yeah, that helps you get the feeling back, yeah, to win these matches and turn those moments around.

Q. Pliskova pulled out today because she felt sick. There have been several withdrawals. Do you see the draw opening up big time now for players like you?
KIKI BERTENS: I think you have seen over the last two years already that a lot of girls can win tournaments, so I think it's not like all the top players win tournaments every week.

So, yeah, I think every week there are surprises, and, yeah, unfortunately there are a few players sick this week. I had it also a little bit, but, yeah, I'm just happy that I can still compete here.

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