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February 13, 2019

Latisha Chan

Hao-Ching Chan

Doha, Qatar

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What is your favorite food?
LATISHA CHAN: What is my favorite food? First of all, as a tennis player, we need to eat healthy. I do have my favorite food and it's not very healthy. I love dark chocolate.

HAO-CHING CHAN: And I like white chocolate. So we can sharing a box.

Q. How much does your coach affect and influence your career?
LATISHA CHAN: The coach can be a huge change for your whole career, and I think your coach must know you very well, and then to give you enough support in knowing what you need and trying to give the best advice that he can and then to think the things from your perspective.

So I think the coach is really, really important.

Q. How often do you practice?
HAO-CHING CHAN: We practice every day, and it's, like, if we have the match in that day, we will practice one to two hours and one more hours in the gym. We do the fitness.

Q. What do you eat for breakfast?
LATISHA CHAN: Normally I would like to have some protein for breakfast.

Q. Waffles?
LATISHA CHAN: Waffles? I like carbs, too, Yes. Waffles, but not too much sugar.

Q. Since when you start playing tennis?
LATISHA CHAN: I started when I was six years old.

HAO-CHING CHAN: I start when I was three.

Q. How old are you now?


Q. What is your favorite moment in your career?
HAO-CHING CHAN: I think it's first time when I get into the final in Wimbledon and when I was 20 years old.

LATISHA CHAN: I think for me was when I was 16 years old and my first, my very first US Open, and I was the last player to qualify to qualifying. Then I won three rounds to get into the main draw, and then I had to play Serena Williams in the first round.

That was my favorite moment, because we played in Arthur Ashe, and I think that was the biggest center court.

Q. Did you win at her?
LATISHA CHAN: Not that match. And maybe two years later I played against her in Charleston. I was leading 5-3, and then she retired. I don't know if I win that match or not (smiling).

Q. Now what's your age?
LATISHA CHAN: My age? I'm 29.

Q. 9?
LATISHA CHAN: 29. Yeah, 9 was long time ago. What about you?

Q. Six. Seven.
LATISHA CHAN: Okay. One year older.

Q. How do you spend your time outside the court?
HAO-CHING CHAN: I think I sing a lot. We also go to swim. We also go shopping.

LATISHA CHAN: And movies sometime.

HAO-CHING CHAN: And movies.

Q. What is your favorite song?
LATISHA CHAN: Well, there are many Chinese songs and also western songs. There is no specific one, but we love music a lot.

Q. How do you get the idea to play tennis?
LATISHA CHAN: Why we decide to play tennis?

Q. Yes.
HAO-CHING CHAN: Because she is older sister, and when I like three years old, my father bring her to the tennis courts and I come with them. I just love to play. When she play with my father, I want to join them. That's why I start to know tennis.

LATISHA CHAN: Yeah. And my parents met actually because of tennis, and so they go to tennis club very often. So whenever they go, they have to bring me because I was little. One day I was, like, I think how they play tennis is magical, because they just do a little swing and the ball just drop to the spot that they wanted.

I said to my dad, Can you please teach me? That's how I started.

Q. If you wasn't a tennis player, what would you do?

LATISHA CHAN: I want to be a doctor.

HAO-CHING CHAN: But we choose tennis.

Q. What do you find special about Qatar Total Open?
LATISHA CHAN: I think that was three years ago we won this tournament together. Actually, that year I had fever, pretty bad fever. So other than, you know, the match time, I was on bed the whole time. Somehow we managed to win the tournament. And that was miracle for us, I mean, to be able to play in that situation. So I think after it becomes very special tournament for us.

And also, I was here when it was 2006 Asian Games, so I was here like long time ago. Every time when I come back to the stadium, I have a lot of memories.

Q. What is your formula to be successful and top tennis player? And what is your best advice to young tennis players?
LATISHA CHAN: I think to be a professional athlete, not just tennis player, the attitude and mindset, it's very important. I think hard work is something that you need to push yourself to do every day, but to go out there with the right attitude to face winning or losing, that's the most important thing, you know, to be a top athlete.

So I think that's the only way. Then with the right attitude, you'll find all the strategies and then the way to work it out.

Q. Which surface is your favorite and why?
HAO-CHING CHAN: I like clay, but actually, I play better on grass. I don't know why. I just feel very comfortable when I play clay.

LATISHA CHAN: I like hard court. But I love all the courts, but when I was little I practiced a lot on hard courts. It's more familiar for me.

Q. Where are you from?
LATISHA CHAN: Chinese Taipei. We have that on the draw, so next time you can check on it.

Q. Which player scares you the most?
LATISHA CHAN: Scares us?

You know, with all these years that we spent on the tour, it's not really the player. I think it's more -- you don't really look at how your opponent look like and how they play. You focus more on yourself.

I think that's what we should be focused on, because when you look at others, you forgot how to perform yourself. Then you lose the momentum and then you lose the chance to beat them.

Q. Do you want your kids to be a tennis player or work at a job?
LATISHA CHAN: First of all, I don't have a kid yet. Hopefully I will have (smiling).

But I will teach him or her tennis, for sure. But he or she have to decide if they want to be a tennis player.


Q. How do you get ready on the days before your tournament for your match?
HAO-CHING CHAN: We just sleep good and eat good, and we just watch some videos.

LATISHA CHAN: About our opponent.

HAO-CHING CHAN: Yeah, and also our match. And, yeah, just be ready by ourself and, yeah, just don't think too much and just go play.

Q. Are you sisters?

HAO-CHING CHAN: Yes, we are sisters.

LATISHA CHAN: How can you tell? Maybe the same last name? Do we look alike? We have the same face? Good eye.

Do you have siblings? Sisters or brothers? Little brother? Do you look alike? Same face? No?

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