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February 10, 2019

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California

Q. I know it was kind of a stop, start on the front nine, but I really liked the way you felt your way to the house, including the birdie here at 18.
JASON DAY: Yeah, it was nice to be able to finish it off with a birdie. Yeah, I just made a couple of errors on the front side. But to be honest, I thought if I could get in with a 68 or 67 today that might do it, but unfortunately, the guys in front are playing some pretty good golf here, especially Phil. So the guys, it seems like he's been at it for a long time, and he's done it for awhile, and he's still winning, which is obviously they got holes left, but if he plays the way he's playing right now he should be able to get it done pretty easy.

Q. I saw you coming in off of 3. You kind of rolled your eyes and said, we're going in for awhile. How about the hail and start? How hard was it to restart for you?
JASON DAY: Well, I mean, my -- the good thing we're going home tomorrow. So for me to understand that if I have to come back tomorrow, then it was okay. The hard thing is to, you want to get things going, you want to get things done, and sometimes you can be a little bit impatient. But to be able to go back inside, even though the weather was nice, it was just, I mean hats off to the greens keepers and the superintendent this week on all three courses because it's been a real tremendous ride with regards to what we have had this week with weather and they have done a phenomenal job. But just to try and stay as focused as possible and try and get the job done.

Q. You're not going to win, but you're going to move up in Presidents Cup, International Team standings. You're going to be on that team, I'm sure. But it's still something you want to represent the International Team and Australia.
JASON DAY: Yes, yes, down in Australia. I mean that's one thing that you want to be able to do is represent Team International and especially represent your country down at home. And Royal Melbourne is going to be a phenomenal joint again and we'll have a lot of fun. We'll have a tough American team to play against, but obviously I think if I can just keep committing and keep working hard, making that team shouldn't be a problem. I've just got to focus on playing good right now and hopefully that takes care of the rest.

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