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February 9, 2019

Sofia Kenin

Asheville, North Carolina

A. BARTY/S. Kenin

6-1, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. If I could take you back to after 2-0 in the first set, you had a few chances to break back. That seemed like a crucial point in the match. Take me through that game, what you were feeling with the chance to break back.
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I wasn't actually sure what happened. I thought I hit a shot and she missed it. I was looking at the captain, Captain Kathy, What just happened? I guess it was a challenge. I didn't hear her challenge. I saw she missed. I don't know, I guess she decided to challenge.

It kind of changed the momentum a little bit. Yeah, I mean, she's a tough player. She is where she is for a reason, so...

Q. The following game when you had the three breakpoints, was that a pretty big blow going down 3-0 or did you think you were still in there?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I mean, I had those chances. It's unfortunate I didn't take advantage of them. But, yeah, I mean, it was just tough. Like I said, she's a tough player and I respect her a lot.

Q. You like to play yourself into points. Is she a hard player to do that with, with her style?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I mean, she's very crafty. She has really good hands. She's good in doubles, as well. This is why she is where she is.

It was tough. I'm happy in the second set I started playing better, got the crowd going.

Q. Do you think if you were able to get started earlier, you might have been able to make more of an impact?
SOFIA KENIN: Probably. I didn't have such a great start at the beginning. At least I was able to pick it up and not just lose 1-1, get off the court.

I put up a fight. I'm happy I was able to somehow pick up my game and play better.

Q. What was Kathy telling you during the whole time?
SOFIA KENIN: On her serve, just to give her different looks. She served unbelievable. It's a really tough serve. It was probably 150 miles an hour or something. She's known for aces and everything. It was tough.

Also to keep fighting, not give up. I'm in the match. At least I didn't lose 6-1, 6-1. It was 7-6. Just a few points here and there, things didn't go my way.

Q. It's match one out of possibly five. How important do you think your comeback is to raise the spirits of the team, get the crowd into it?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I mean, obviously it's a tough loss. But I think Maddie can do well. We're going to keep her going, just get the momentum up. Hopefully it can be 1-All and tomorrow we take the momentum on our side.

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