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February 9, 2019

Ho Sung Choi

Pebble Beach, California

Q. How fun was it out there today with the bigger crowds?
HO SUNG CHOI: It was so cold out there. My hands were freezing. But with all the fans supporting me out there saying things like Ka-Ja, it just really helped me get through the round today.

Q. I noticed that you gave all of your playing partners one of your head covers. What was the story with that?
HO SUNG CHOI: They were such great people. And even when I had a bad shot or was struggling, they encouraged me and they gave me words of advice out there. And I tried to give them a gift to remind them of me. And I thought a head cover with my logo would be the best thing to do.

Q. What's the difference in playing here in Pebble Beach versus playing in Korea?
HO SUNG CHOI: I learned a lot from this experience, but I think the biggest takeaway was the greens. They were so difficult to read and I wasn't getting used to them. And even on the 17th hole I had a short putt, maybe 30, 40 centimeters, and I just blew it by. So it was hard getting adjusted to that.

Q. What is your schedule after today? When do you go back home? What's the next tournament that you're going to be playing in?
HO SUNG CHOI: I'm flying back tomorrow night, on Sunday, and I actually have to fly straight to Guam because I have a shoot there in Guam. So I'll be spending four days in Guam, then I'll be going back to Korea, and I don't have a tournament planned yet.

Q. Like a photo shoot, or a video shoot?
HO SUNG CHOI: It's for a program. Just a shoot.

Q. Okay. What did you think of the Pebble Beach t-shirts that Aaron Rodgers and them had put together?
HO SUNG CHOI: I'm so thankful for that. I'm so appreciative for all the great memories that they're making because of this week and I felt like I had the best pairing.

Q. What is next for you in your PGA TOUR dreams? Are there any particular tournaments that you would like to potentially play?
HO SUNG CHOI: I'm not quite sure of my schedule yet, but if I'm lucky enough to get another invite. I'll be happy to play in any other tournament.

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