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February 7, 2019

Cody Gribble

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Just tell me about that 6-under. Really nice birdie at the last, too.
CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, it was good to birdie the last. I got away with a couple breaks today. But all-in-all, I hit a few more fairways. The wedges were a little better and I made some putts. So that's about it.

Q. Run me through the shot at the last. It looked like you were taking some time on that.
CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, I took a little bit of time. I mean I, we were, I feel like we had a pretty good game plan today, just trying to stay below the hole. Pretty severe greens. So David, my buddy, liked 7-iron today, and I knew that ball was going to come out a little heavy, so I hit the six and it came out kind of how I was anticipating. So I read the lie pretty well and, but other than that it was pretty good. Everything was flowing. Other than a few errant drives, I still had some really good tee shots that I hit and just missing the ball in the right spot.

Q. How much do you pay attention to the forecast the next three days? Do you look at that?
CODY GRIBBLE: Yeah, it's going to be pretty rough, but it's a great start. It's a great start and I haven't had an interview in a while, so it's good to have one. But we got a long ways to go. And with this cruddy weather you never know what kind of draw you're going to get, who is going to get the rain, who is going to get the wind on what course. So just be patient and go with what they give you.

Q. What are you working on right now?
CODY GRIBBLE: I feel like I've been working a lot on trying to find a driver with the right numbers and I finally found one and now it's all about me making the correct swing. I don't have any worries about, is it the club's fault. So I've been putting well. I've been putting a lot of work into putting but I hadn't really made much in the past few weeks. So it was ironically weird from making putts on greens that are pretty bumpy. It all has been good.

Q. When did you find the driver?
CODY GRIBBLE: I found the driver before Palm Springs. So kind of before the season started for me. I took Sony off and was working on that out of the Callaway center.

Q. What were you looking for?
CODY GRIBBLE: More spin. More spin. So I found it. So that and now I just got to put it together.

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