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February 7, 2019

Jay Monahan

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Nice day out there, huh?
JAY MONAHAN: It was awesome. Chamber of Commerce day.

Q. Well, it's not lasting, so.
JAY MONAHAN: I know, exactly.

Q. Just some comments on your round. It was quite a day for you and Keith out there.
JAY MONAHAN: It was quite a day for Keith. It was a lot of fun to play with Keith and with Charley and to actually, played in a few pro-ams, but to play during live competition and to watch them just battle through their round and play with such aggression and confidence was incredible to watch.

Q. I was curious. Given that it was your first time here, the first round in this environment, what that was like for you. On the first tee, what are your nerves like?
JAY MONAHAN: Yeah, it was -- I've got my dad on the bag, so it was just -- I want to have three great days -- four great days, and just a wonderful experience with him. But the fact of the matter is my hands were heavier than they have ever been before, right? And I stood up over a few putts at the beginning of the round and I'm like, okay, this is a totally different feeling than anything I've ever had before or certainly had in a long time, because -- but it was a really special experience and I'm excited that we got a couple more days of it, hopefully three.

Q. You mentioned your dad. What does that mean, and have you had anything like this before with him?
JAY MONAHAN: You know, we have had -- no, nothing like this. We have all, he's been a really good competitive golfer through the years, so we have always been around him when he's been competing and caddied for him in club championships and state amateurs. But just to have him see the same thing I saw and to have him try and work me through that round, given some of the challenges I was having, was pretty cool.

Q. What's your dad's first name?

Q. You sit in big business decisions that take a lot of nerve, I would imagine. Can you compare that to being out here, having to hit shots with guys watching and that? Do you know what I'm saying?
JAY MONAHAN: Yeah, I do. I'm certainly far more nervous out here trying to make a 10-foot putt than anything else I do professionally. But you can see where -- I don't know, I looked at Charley and Keith closely during the course of the round and they were as comfortable as you could ever be. And so to me that's the most impressive thing. The shot making, you see it from all the guys out here, but just the peace that they play with is pretty amazing.

Q. Was there any particularly memorable moment, not Keith's shot, but anything you confronted on the course today that reminded you that you were in an actual PGA tournament?
JAY MONAHAN: I had a number of seven-foot putts that I needed to make, that I really wanted to make, that never really had a chance. And so it just was, you know, really trying to think through how I was going to execute the shot and really wanting to make it, and shortly after the ball left the putter face it was clear it wasn't going to go in. And that was okay.

Q. Had you considered playing before, and why now, what changed this year that allowed you to play?
JAY MONAHAN: Well, to be perfectly candid Randall Stephenson with AT&T, who is our great partner, invited me last year. And we have some spots that we use for our partners, and I'll certainly never use one of those. So I'm here solely because Randall invited me and it's awesome to be here.

Q. Learn anything new about your PGA TOUR players today?
JAY MONAHAN: No. I mean, I know how talented they are and how great they are. I learned a little bit more about Keith and Charley personally. And this shot that Keith hit on 17, and listening to he and his caddie talk through all their options as the ball is basically up against the bridge. He pulled a 4-iron, a 9-iron, a sand wedge, and a putter. And they walked through all the options, and he took the back of the 4-iron, and it was an unbelievable shot. And I'm thinking, okay, I got a 15-footer for five, that this ball's in play, and the guy makes a four off a bridge. But to answer your question, it was more on a personal front than it was on a golf front.

Q. After all the rules issues last week, do you feel good about the way it's going, instead of letting it drag out getting it all resolved and clarified quickly, obviously there's been a lot of discussion about that?
JAY MONAHAN: Yeah, very much so. I'm proud of the fact that everybody worked together, worked quickly, we were nimble and we got to the right place.

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