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February 7, 2019

Aaron Rodgers

Jerry Kelly

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Good day out there for you guys?
AARON RODGERS: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. The stash didn't work so I might be shaving it tonight. But Ho Sung was great. He doesn't know a ton of English, but you could see the joy he has when he plays and he's a good player. He made a lot of great swings out there and it's a fun group.

Q. You guys had a few good interactions out there. What were you guys talking about, with English translation might be a little difficult?
AARON RODGERS: He doesn't speak much but his caddie speaks a little more than he does. So his caddie can translate a little bit out there. But good shot is good shot in any language.

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, exactly.

Q. Jerry, what did you see out there from Ho Sung?
JERRY KELLY: You know, I really love the action. It made me want to get my leg into it just a little bit and see if I can get a little extra. But, no, his fundamentals at impact are pretty darn good and he can shift it and roll it. So there's no reason that he can't compete.

Q. Thoughts going into tomorrow with some tough weather coming in out there.
AARON RODGERS: We're mudders, man. We're from Wisconsin. This is our kind of weather coming in.

JERRY KELLY: The frozen tundra. It will be all right.

Q. Seems early on a little bit like Wisconsin out here this morning, a little chilly out here.
AARON RODGERS: It felt good to me.

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, it was pretty good.

AARON RODGERS: It felt good to him. He was out in minus 40 recently.

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, it was hailing on us four times at Cypress on Tuesday.

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, Cypress was rough.

JERRY KELLY: This was pretty easy.

Q. How did the galleries react to Ho Sung?
JERRY KELLY: Oh, they were fantastic. They were yelling we love you Ho Sung. I mean it was, they were sending out a lot to him. So and he was great. He was, he would always turn around and give them a wave. I mean, hey, the guy can play. This wasn't -- it's a great thing to give him a spot, but it's not a charity thing, he can play.

Q. Can you guys, his personality really came through even though he said he was nervous. He was giving you massages with his head cover and he was making the joke about your mustache. When Chris was giving Aaron grief he was like giving Aaron the thumbs up. Just what was it like to just see his personality come through like that?
JERRY KELLY: That's exactly right. I mean you don't need language to see a guy's personality. You could tell, if we were all speaking the same language, then we would have had even more fun. My wife's bringing the pilot thing in so we'll be able to put something in my ear and his ear and we'll be able to speak back and forth so we'll see how that goes.

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