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February 7, 2019

Branden Grace

Pebble Beach, California

Q. 5-under, 67 to get things going. Coming off a second place finish a week ago. How were you able to carry that momentum from Phoenix here on this Thursday?
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, obviously it was nice just to have a couple of days resting before this. It was a pretty hectic week, a lot of concentration, a lot of draining going on, but it was great to come out here. I love this place. Last year was my first time, I played really well, and I pretty much thought it suited me, all three courses. And it was one of those that was easy to put back on the schedule and obviously today we were lucky with the weather. It doesn't look so good for the remainder of the week, but I'm excited to be in. Obviously, like you said, after second last week, obviously the momentum is there, just keep on going.

Q. You mentioned just your second start here. How would you describe this place, this venue considering you're a global golfer, you've played some of the best courses in all the world. Where does this one fit in your top-5?
BRANDEN GRACE: Oh, right up there, I must say. Obviously playing in Europe most of the time Dunhill Links is always up there. It's a phenomenal week and this is pretty similar. But obviously when you get out here to Pebble Beach and all the other courses, there's no view like this in golf. Sometimes the bad golf doesn't really matter when you're out here.

Q. Coming off a second place finish last week, do you need that momentum to get excited about playing here at Pebble Beach? You got off to a great start.
BRANDEN GRACE: You don't really need the momentum but coming out here is pretty special. But it's always nice to have a good round coming out of the blocks here and starting off the week well. I think I was 5-under through six or seven holes and to get that start is pretty awesome around this place. And it's always special just to be here. And I really wanted to make the trip out, first time last year, I wanted to come out this year and really get that little bit of, not really a head start on any field, but just coming out here and playing the U.S. Open venue.

Q. A lot of players know what they needed and they did get off to good starts today and then on the back nine they weren't able to get anything going. Was the back nine playing a lot more challenging today?
BRANDEN GRACE: It was. I must say, yes and no, I think there was a couple of shots on the back nine which kind of killed the momentum. I had I think a 3-, or 4-footer on I think it was on the 11th, which I didn't roll in. And then bogeyed the next. So that could have been two, three shot swing there. So those things killed the round. And then you kind of start forcing things and then things get slow out there. But obviously nice to hit two great shots coming into 18 and finish off with a birdie. And I would have said that's what the round should have been, 5-under.

Q. You've played a lot of events where you play multiple golf courses. What's the key for you when you know you're going to play three different courses?
BRANDEN GRACE: I think sometimes when you have a good round like today on one golf course, you kind of think, okay, tomorrow's going to be another easy one. But when you play three different golf courses, you start from scratch. There's no feeling for the golf course, especially like for me on a week like this, after such a draining week last week, you come, I only had a practice. I had four holes out here and I had I think 13 holes out at the other one. So you kind of just take it as it comes and go on past experiences and rely on the yardage required of it.

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