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February 7, 2019

Scott Langley

Pebble Beach, California

Q. 7-under, excellent start. Just get some comments on your day.
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, I mean, obviously, really happy with my score. Made a ton of putts, made some longer putts, which on these poa annua greens is always a bonus. But felt like I kept the ball in play decently well and just gave myself a lot of chances. Hit a lot of great iron shots and wedges. And it's funny, I left yesterday kind of unhappy with the way I was hitting the ball and just came in today and kind of just made a slight adjustment to my grip on the range, warming up, and kind of felt great. And sure enough got out there and hit it pretty well. So it's just funny what these little minor things can help you do sometimes. But today was really about the putter. I just putted so well and was pretty much rock solid, with the exception of maybe one putt for par on the 17th hole.

Q. What is the key to these greens and especially playing sort of late in the day like you were in the wave, just in terms of the conditions?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, I mean it's no secret that they get kind of beat up. And with as much rain as we have gotten, the poa annua is going to get kind of footprint-saturated, so to speak. I don't know if that's the right way to put it, but you get a lot of footprints out there. And I think just hitting the putts solid with the correct speed really helps because if you hit it just a little too soft, it just bounces all over the place. But on the flip side like you don't want to hit putts with the speed that will go three or four feet past if you miss it because you don't want those all day long either. So you kind of have to find this happy medium of just kind of great speed and I was able to do that. I worked with my coaches, Stan Utley and Terry Rowles, on my putting the last few weeks. And I didn't putt well in San Diego. I missed the cut and felt like I was close and made a little adjustment in the off week to my posture and, man, I just hit the putts really solid today, and ever since I kind of made that slight change. So again, just small little things that, kind of refinements that have helped me shoot what I shot today.

Q. Your thoughts about heading to Spyglass tomorrow?
SCOTT LANGLEY: Yeah, the forecast around here can change at any moment, so you just have to be ready for kind of anything. And obviously the plan is to get some weather tomorrow, some rain and some wind, and you just kind of have to take it as it comes. But Spyglass is a great golf course and the greens over there seem to hang in there pretty well sometimes with the foot traffic. So hopefully they roll pretty smooth, but we're ready for the elements. I mean you come here knowing what you're going to get, so just going to try and be solid.

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