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February 2, 2019

Justin Thomas

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. If you had to rewrite the rule, if the rule doesn't go away and you had to just rewrite it or change something, what would you add to it?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just don't line people up. I mean it's, it's very, very obvious and clear if someone is behind you lining you up. I mean they're there, they're standing down like this and they give you a yes or a no and then they move away when you're about to hit the shot. I think it's so clear and obvious when somebody's lining somebody up or not, so I think it's just something where, yeah, it's -- but I hit a the word intent because then there's a gray area and I don't -- I don't like gray areas just because it's I think a black and white rule is the best way to go about it because then you either broke the rule or you didn't versus, well I didn't intend to, but you did, you know what I'm saying? So again, in everything and everything is, it's hard to get it right, no matter what happens with the rules, with whatever, it can always get better, anybody can say, but this is one that definitely needed to be changed and improved and hopefully will.

Q. You're five back of Rick, obviously you both have been striking it really well, what's it going to take for you to be able to close the gap and ultimately prevail?
JUSTIN THOMAS: If he keeps driving it like this he's going to be tough to catch. I just, I really didn't play very well today, I didn't -- I drove the ball poorly, I didn't hit my irons very well, I hit a very nice back nine, to at least keep myself in it, if I shoot 2-under even I'm seven back going into tomorrow and that's not very realistic on a course like this because you would think someone like him, at least the way he's hitting it right now even on an off day he'll probably go around in 2- or 3-under. So there's a good chance it might take something special for me tomorrow but I like the fact at least that I got my way in that final group and I'm going to know what he's doing and hopefully I can get off to a hot start and maybe put a little bit of heat on him.

Q. You and Rickie are obviously really close, you know he hears a lot about the fact that people say he can't finish and this and that, if he does pull it out tomorrow, as one of his best friends, what's that going to mean to you to see him be able to stick it to people like that?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, but the thing about Rick though is he doesn't listen to that. And that's why he has the probably the best demeanor on TOUR, that's why he continued to play great golf, he continues to get himself in contention in the biggest tournaments. And I think it's frustrating for me because, I mean, everybody goes through spurts like that and he would be the first to tell you he should have won more than he has. But it's hard to win, there's only one winner every week and he's played plenty well enough and I'm sure it's going to happen plenty of times, but selfishly I hope it isn't tomorrow, but if it is, I'd like to at least give him a good run. But that's one thing that I never worry about Rick, he's going to be fine and no matter what happens he's always going to have a great attitude and it's something I really admire a lot about him.

Q. I probably know the answer to this but how much are you guys talking about golf in the house right now?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Probably none at all. I mean we talked a little bit about the rule last night, actually it wasn't really talking it was more complaining about the rule, at least on my part. But yeah, I wouldn't think so. Four-shot lead, it's somewhat tough, I've been fortunate, it's happened before, but it's a little bit more different when one of the people that's chasing you down is in your house, so you know what I mean? So but I'm sure like always our vibe will be really, really relaxed. We'll probably watch another funny Will Ferrell movie tonight and move on.

Q. Do you want to set his alarm for 3:30 or something like that?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, if I'm going to beat him, I want to do it the right way.

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