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October 4, 2002

Mikael Lundberg


Q. You are proving to be quite an expert in links golf?

MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Yes, I was very pleased with today. I wouldn't say an expert in links golf but we do play a lot in the wind on the European Tour so that helped me today for sure. I was struggling a bit early on this year but all of a sudden it is getting better and better and just now it feels really comfortable over the ball.

Q. You have been quiet on the front nine for the two days, but aggressive on the back nines, are you going to change that for the weekend?

MIKAEL LUNDBERG: No, I'll just keep that pretty much the same, I don't think there is much point in doing anything differently.

Q. What has been the key this week?

MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Just the fact that I feel comfortable with my game I think. I feel good standing over the ball. I worked with my teacher Claude Harmon just before this week and I got it together on Tuesday and it started to feel better then and it has been feeling better and better every day since then. I made a few changes to my putting on my own as well and that is working out well too. I just changed my grip on my putter, turned my hands round a bit more like the way I used to putt when I was an amateur and it has been working well. Before this week I felt I had been putting the worst I had been all season and so that is why I decided to try and make the change. Conditions were tough today and I was just happy to get round with a good score.

Q. It is a big week for you considering where you are on the Order of Merit (135th)?

MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Yes it is a big week for me in that respect. I am thinking about it on the way round because between the shots you have time to think about a lot of things but over the shots I am pretty focused on what I am trying to do. Q. Family here with you this week?

MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Not this week, they are coming next week.

Q. Is it important to you that they come with you on Tour?

MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Yes I enjoy it, I like to have them around but to be honest not all the time because sometimes you need a little time to yourself to rest, sit in front of the television and relax or maybe time to practice a little bit more after your rounds and if the family is there with you, sometimes that can be difficult. This week as well I thought the weather might not be that great so I thought it better that they stay at home.

Q. Are you a scoreboard watcher - will you be looking tomorrow?

MIKAEL LUNDBERG: Yes, it's fun, I like to see what the other guys are doing so I'll be having a look at the scoreboard now and again over the weekend, I don't mind. It is fun to be up there and fun to see your own name up there so why wouldn't you look?

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