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February 2, 2019

Ryan Fox

King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia

Q. You were plus four after three holes. Talk about the comeback today.
RYAN FOX: It was sort of a funny day. I didn't really feel like I did a whole lot wrong the first three holes. You know, hit a couple of tee shots that just missed the fairways, and made a bogey on 1 and had basically a 4-putt from the fringe on two for double, and I'm pretty sure half the field bogeyed 3 today with that tough pin on the back right.

Sort of just said, well, got to stay patient. Was nice to bounce back with a birdie on 4 and stayed very patient through the rest of the front nine. Had a few chances and missed a couple and then hit a couple of really good shots 10 and 12. Started holing a few putts, which was nice. First time I've seen that happen in a while, and certainly nice to, I guess, not quite play my way all the way back into the tournament, but at least have a chance of a good finish.

Q. The back nine, 6-under par, is the back nine easier or did you just play aggressive?
RYAN FOX: I don't think either nine is necessarily easier than the other. I just, you know, I holed a couple of putts. I drove the ball nicely for the most part, and yeah, it's just I guess I had nothing to lose that back nine. You know, I gave myself a lot of good chances and it was nice to see a few go in the hole.

Q. You're now tied fourth after that start. You're a bit behind DJ but do you think you might have an outside chance on this course?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, look, you expect it to blow in the afternoon. Even though I scored pretty decently in the wind today, it's still pretty tough. It's not hard to shoot 2- or 3-over par in these kind of conditions, so I've got a very outside chance with a couple of world-class players at the top of the leaderboard, but you never know. A 9- or 10-under is out there and you never know what can happen.

Q. Nice to be in contention in such a strong field?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, my game has certainly been a little bit rusty the last couple of weeks and haven't looked like being in contention. It's nice this week to find a little bit of game and kick some of the rust off and have a chance against four of the top five players in the world playing this week. We don't get too many events like that on The European Tour, normal European Tour events like that. Majors and WGCs, yeah, but it's nice to be playing in an event like this and playing well.

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