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February 1, 2019

Zander Lombard

King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia

Q. Nice performance today, of course you had the tough wind in the afternoon yesterday. How different was it this morning?
ZANDER LOMBARD: It was definitely easier to score today, but I just didn't play really good golf today. I actually just managed to control my misses. Just a little bit off. But all in all, happy with 3-under. I see the boys are tearing it up this morning, but it's out there. It's definitely playing better. The greens are getting smoother as the week goes on, so looking for some low scores on the weekend.

Q. It's a brand new test for you guys this week. Having got one tournament round under your belt yesterday, was it easier today, and how was the golf course setup in terms of pins compared to yesterday?
ZANDER LOMBARD: I think it's fair. There's a couple of tough ones and there's a couple of easy ones, so it's very fair, so they've done well. It plays a bit longer in the mornings, as it's softer, but it means you can go at it a bit more. I think it's a really fair course, and it holds up during the whole day, so yeah, it's a fair test.

Q. Tough season for you last year, but winner at the Q-school, already a third place in South Africa, playing well here. What's starting to click for you?
ZANDER LOMBARD: It's just doing my processes, sticking to a consistent method, I suppose. It's what I've been doing well lately. It's nice to see some results from all the hard work from last year showing off.

Q. Are you pleased with your round today?
ZANDER LOMBARD: I just wasn't quite on today. I think I just managed really well today and took the opportunities I had. I was hitting it a little off line today, but all in all, managed to keep a good score on the card, so very happy with that.

Q. We heard a big cheer on the 18th. Was that a chip-in you had on the 18th?
ZANDER LOMBARD: No, it lipped out -- oh, after 9? I was just right of the bunkers for two and chipped in for eagle and just came out beautifully and went in the hole. It was awesome.

Q. Were conditions different today to yesterday?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yes, I think it was definitely easier than yesterday, but as I said, I really didn't hit the ball that great today. I missed a lot of greens but managed to up-and-down well, and like I said, if I had the birdie opportunities, I took them. So fairly happy to keep the big numbers off the card and managed to get around in 3-under, so not too bad.

Q. I noticed you are like 25th in the Order of Merit. You got off to a good start. Does that give you more confidence?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Not really. It's sticking to my own processes. I think that's what I'm really starting to do well after really struggling last season. October-ish it started to show all the hard work I've put in, and to get my processes and everything I do around the golf course and on the golf course, to get more consistent, and it's nice when it starts to pay off.

Q. Are you looking forward to the weekend?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Absolutely, see if we can get it low on the weekend and give the guys a go.

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