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February 1, 2019

Brooks Koepka

King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia

Q. You've added a 70 today to yesterday's 69. A little bit difficult conditions, but how would you assess your play?
BROOKS KOEPKA: I played really well. I played good enough to be right up there around the lead, but I don't know, I can't figure out these greens. You can hit three putts and they'll go three different ways. It's frustrating. You try to stay patient, but it does get frustrating, and it kind of builds up.

Q. Let's talk about one or two of the incidents during the round. You had help with moving a loose impediment there at 15, quite a big loose impediment?
BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, it was lodged in there pretty good, pretty much right against the rock, and the security guys, I figured I'd call them, they're a little bigger than me, so they could help move it, and there's about five or six people that helped move it, thankfully. It helps sometimes to be in the bigger groups. There's more people there, more chance you can get it done. But yeah, thankful for those guys.

Q. Your chip at 16, par-3 off the right-hand side had our commentators fooled. They thought you'd thinned it, the low one that checked right by the hole.
BROOKS KOEPKA: They really thought I thinned it? That's pretty bad. No, that was hit perfectly, exactly how we wanted, toed it in. I do it with Pete Cowan all the time, just toe it in and make sure you bring the duff out of play, and you always knew it was going to check up. That hard sand, you always know it's going to bite on you, and it's into the wind, so just be aggressive, and I played it perfect -- I almost don't know how it missed. It looked like it was dead centre, a couple inches to go.

Q. We've seen 63 on Thursday morning, 61 from your good friend DJ this morning. You're going to have an early tee time. A sense of opportunity?
BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, I think so. The wind doesn't pick up really until a little after noon, so in the morning you definitely have a good opportunity to shoot a low number. I've just got to figure out these greens. I missed an eight-footer by about two and a half feet, things like that. It's just read, then your confidence starts to go a little bit and you're not really sure about the line, the read, and you just never really get settled over it.

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