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January 31, 2019

Justin Rose

King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia

Q. Thoughts on your round today?
JUSTIN ROSE: We had it calm this morning and knew tomorrow afternoon obviously the wind is going to pick up, so you had to take advantage of the golf course this morning.

Had the opportunity to hit a lot of shots close to the hole and couldn't make the putts. Collectively our group was probably the worst putting round I've seen for three professional golfers in a long, long time but the greens were very tricky, very, very grainy. It was tough to factor it in, really, I think.

But I certainly missed ten putts probably within six to ten feet range. You make half of those and it's a good round of golf. Gave myself plenty of chances and played well and really felt like I came out playing well. I got caught between clubs twice today and chose the wrong shot I think and ended up making bogey off both of those decisions. For the most part, played well.

Q. You've changed your clubs.

Q. Not easy to do and driver I think is one of the hardest things to change. Talk us through the change in equipment.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, obviously changed brand obviously to Honma. We get used to changing driver. TaylorMade used to bring them out every year, so to be honest with you, it's a process -- and the clubs have so much functionality now that you can dial into them pretty quickly.

What I think is cool about the Honma gear, shaft is so important, and if you believe in spining the shaft, the shaft always stays in play, and they have got a system where you are swivel the head on the shaft. Whereas other companies, you twist the shaft to change loft and lie. This one, actually the head itself moves independently.

Driving it really, really well. Seeing my ball speed creep up with this one -- not creep up, jump up quite dramatically with this club, and it was quite cool to play with Brooks today actually and get a measure on how far I'm hitting the ball, and I definitely have closed the gap on guys like him, which is cool.

Q. How long does it take to test them out and get used to them?
JUSTIN ROSE: If it's better, it's better, and you want to put it in straightaway.

Honma have been very patient with me and they probably weren't expecting me to play the driver until who knows when. I was only ever going to play it when it was better than what I was currently using. But when you see it better -- it goes straight in the bag. I'm not superstitious about clubs whatsoever. If it's better, I'll put it in.

Q. Just going back to the greens, what are you going to do to try to find your touch on the greens?
JUSTIN ROSE: Talk to you. Get a lesson. I think I haven't paid attention to the grain. I think it's a big factor on these greens.

Normally the greens we play on, grain is a marginal factor. It's not really changing your read from six, seven, eight feet too much. I think here it's certainly changing the read.

The last hole I was confident in my read but I pulled the putt. Most of the putts, I hit where I wanted to and misread them and I think just got to pay close attention to the grain tomorrow.

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