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January 27, 2019

Matt Wallace

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Sitting pretty at second, 17-under, a little fist pump at the end. How was today generally?
MATT WALLACE: Really good in parts, really shabby in parts. Not good enough to put any pressure on, but just about good enough to get second.

I've got to take the positives from that early on in the season to get the juices flowing like that and to play with Ernie, I mean, I didn't see myself having 165 yards in for my third on the last to try and get it done, but yeah, I'll learn from that. I'll put better swings on it next time. Overall, happy, yeah.

Q. Some of us were reminded a little bit of Denmark when you started your round, the first hole you threw it right at the pin and there was two that followed the next three holes?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I wanted to give it a go today. I really wanted to put some pressure on Bryson. He was obviously struggling and scoring well. Credit to him, he's played great today from what I hear and worthy champion of this week and it's great to have him here. But I'll try and get him next time.

Q. Great reaction from you on the 10th when that birdie putt dropped, even Ernie looked at you like you've got one.
MATT WALLACE: Massively got away with one there. I came off the green saying to Dave, I'm just going to leave everything out here now because I tried to steer that one in and I don't know how it went in. But yeah, I steered it in and I hit some good putts at the end.

Q. I know you're not happy with the way you're driving at the moment but with such a strong field as we do have this week, for you to come in second, you must be over the moon?
MATT WALLACE: I actually drove it amazing, apart from that last tee shot, really. Friday was the best I've ever played tee-to-green, and that's really good signs.

Got the new Ping driver in the bag and it's doing me wonders. Swing speed and ball speed's gone up. Yeah, I feel comfortable with where I'm at. The swing is just not quite there. I knew it's been coming. We'll go again next week.

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