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January 27, 2019

Bryson DeChambeau

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

BRIONY CARLYON: Delighted to be joined by our 2019 OMEGA Dubai Desert Classic Champion, Bryson DeChambeau.


BRIONY CARLYON: That must sound good, considering at the start of the week, we spoke about an international victory and now you've delivered your first European Tour win.

What are the emotions right now?

BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: It's incredibly special. I mean, I've always dreamed of winning any Tour event, and to have this many under my belt, I don't even know what I have right now. You know, being able to win internationally is something that I've always wanted to do after winning so many times in the States and to get it at the Dubai Desert Classic is incredible. It's literally a dream come true. I couldn't be more honoured to win this event.

Coming back here as a professional, being an amateur in 2016, I believe, I was expecting a lot of good things because I knew I played well here. I knew I could play really well if I was striking the ball well and if I figured out some putting stuff and I did this week. I made a lot of putts with the flag in, with it out, it didn't really matter too much.

But again, going back to it being my first international win, I really couldn't be more pleased to have this tournament be my first international win, European Tour win.

BRIONY CARLYON: With such a dominant round on a Sunday, that must be thrilled with what that sets you up for the rest of the year.

BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Yeah, the first three days, struggled with my game, even though I played well and performed well and shot good numbers, I knew it wasn't up to my calibre, and today was a good representation of what I can do.

Especially under the gun with the heat of, you know, good players coming up and playing well from behind me. I knew I needed to step on the pedal and that's what I did today, so I'm very proud of that.

Q. Is it right that we're hear that you have taken up European Tour Membership?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I believe so.

BRIONY CARLYON: Effectively now with his win.

BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I would think so.

BRIONY CARLYON: His category is much higher.

Q. After this win especially, will you be coming back to defend your title? And secondly, will you be playing a few more events in Europe?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I would assume so. I would assume so. There's a season-long race out here, as well and I want to win that, as well. That would be great.

Q. I'm sure you're one of many kids who used to copy Tiger Woods. Now with your success, four wins in nine starts, there might be kids around the world copying your model and how you approach the game.
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Shoot, I would hope so. It's done well so far.

Not every kid is going to do it. I would say the more that you can understand the world around you, the more prepared you're going to be, especially in such a vary ballistic game, the more prepared you'll be for those variables. That's all we try and do.

Yeah, it's technical and my swing, people think it's goofy and whatever, putt weird and what I do is weird. But honestly, it's the most comfortable thing for me because it's what allows me to repeat motion, repeat things, time after time.

That's really what science is about. There's no true law. It's all, you know, theory, until proven, and there's no way to really prove it. It's just happening over time, and I think that if you look at what I do is consistently starting to show itself, that it is a good way to do it.

I hope so. I mean, what was it, four wins in nine starts? That's not bad.

Q. What sort of confidence are you going to have going into the majors this year? Do you feel you're going to be a big player in those events?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I think so. Last year I was hitting the ball really well most of the year, but it seemed like at every major, my ball-striking kind of left me for a little bit at those majors. That's really why I didn't play as best as I could.

I believe if I have the ball-striking capabilities like I did today, and even maybe hopefully a little bit better, I knew there's a couple things, the drive on 12 should never have happened. If I can clean up stuff like that, I can definitely, definitely contend.

Q. And The Open, are you likely to play The Scottish Open as a warm-up?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I might. I might. We're still working on the scheduling, but I want to be comfortable for those conditions.

Q. Now that you have won the tournament and you feel pretty good about the greens, are you going to reveal the secret of how you read the greens?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: That's a lot of hard work, man, I'm not just willing to give up. If you pay me a lot, I would (laughter).

That's something that is proprietary. It's something that we've worked hard to figure out, and that's why I think we were successful this week. We made a lot of putts because of it. There are times where the grain was going the opposite way of the slope, and okay, going to do this, and it did.

Q. You mentioned four wins in nine starts. What's clicked? What sort of change?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: It's a domino effect, I think, of a lot of things just falling into place.

The more variables that we figure out, we can't figure everything out, but we've got a better understanding of how rough shots come out, of how bunker shots come out, of how putts break, what's -- how different angles on the greens relative to the hole, how that truly effects what the putt needs to be for the proper terminal veloc (velocity). Just all these little things we've accumulated are just adding up and I believe it's kind of like a domino effect. It's just slowly falling over, and a lot of things start clicking into place when you get all these things sort of figured out.

I don't know if that makes sense, but in my brain, it does. It's just a combination of a lot of things starting to fall into place.

Q. In the last few years, we've seen more players travel outside and play more often. Would you fancy yourself as more of a global player in the future?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I hope so. I mean, being able to win overseas is a big deal, and for me to finally get it done is just amazing. I've dreamed of it my whole life. I've had a lot of dreams and I've accomplished a lot of them, but this one's incredibly special, and Dubai, it's a futuristic city and a place I loved coming to in 2016 and again here in 2019.

So this is definitely an event that I would love to come back to many, many times. But as an international player, yeah, I hope I can be somebody that can win consistently overseas, yeah.

Q. You talked earlier in the week about being halfway along on your journey. Do you have a clear vision of what the remainder of that journey is?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: Absolutely. I think there's -- I've got a plan. It's going to take, probably, shoot, the technology isn't there to figure out some of the stuff that I want to figure out, but it's going to take probably about five years before we can get close to around 80 to 90 per cent. It's going to take -- and the last part, we'll never figure out wind. We can get good estimate of what it should do but we'll never be able to truly account for wind.

It's just about getting the dispersion a lot closer to the hole. I mean, Tour average, I think the best tour average is like 30 feet or something, and if you can just get it to 20 feet or get it to 15 feet or get it to 14 feet, you're going to make more putts because of it. We're getting there. It's going to take some time, though, unfortunately.

Q. You said you weren't swinging 100 per cent the first three days. Do you think it was the course setup, or was it suited for you?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I missed it in the right places. You know, for example, on 8, the second round, I know I hit it in the dirt. I missed it left. And then the third round, I missed it right and I wasn't trying to miss it right but I missed it right and plugged in the sand. So just knowing how to miss it.

When you don't have your A Game, you're aiming in the right spots and aiming to the correct side so you don't short-side yourself and you give yourself room to make par on the tough holes and take advantage of the easy holes by hitting a shot you're comfortable in there. That's really what I did the first three days. Took me until 7.15 last night to really figure out what was going on with my golf game this whole week, golf swing.

And once I kind of had it, I look back at 10 and I look at my manager and agent and it was like, it's go time today. I especially this morning, I was hitting good shots. Hit a couple right. Wasn't 100 per cent comfortable but I was definitely at a different level.

Q. The world of golf is intrigued by you as "the Scientist." Can you just tell me, who is a scientist that has really intrigued you and you have followed his work a lot and maybe tried to implement it in your game?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: You're talking about in any field, in anything? I mean, Einstein has always intrigued me with not being successful in school and then being incredibly successful after college, and that's kind of the same thing for me.

Even though I loved SMU, I learned an incredible amount of knowledge, but sometimes school doesn't really prepare you for the real world and what you're going to do, and golf is unique, too. It really is a sport that hasn't been figured out. I wanted to kind of do that. I wanted it to be one of my goals in life.

For Einstein, general relativity, he wanted to figure that out and he did. It's pretty amazing what he's done for the world and his work stands the test of time, and I want something in the game of golf that will do the same.

Q. Just taking off from what Joy asked you, if Tiger Woods brought fitness 20 years ago, would you say you're going to bring a whole lot of science to the game and potentially change it in five, ten years from now?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I'm not going to predict the future, but I know with what we do and how hard my caddie, Tim Tucker works, and how hard I work, I think we'll figure stuff out that nobody's figured out before. It makes a difference, it really does,

I mean, I can see all the errors that everyone else is making on the golf course when I play with them. They hit a shot, and I'm like, well, it's going to go long, and yeah, or go short and we just know why it happens before it happens when they are trying to play the yardages they are trying to play. We know it because the conditions are changing sometimes, and it's fun. It's fun to see that.

So it does make an impact. I think more people are going to start taking into account, like, oh, my gosh, this is actually not a joke. This is legitimate science.

Q. Just wondering, what are your plans to celebrate tonight?
BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU: I'll have a nice big glass of chocolate milk. Oh, I can't wait. (Laughter) I'm not too much of a person that likes to splurge with alcohol, but you know, maybe wine or something, and then some chocolate milk.

BRIONY CARLYON: Congratulations, Bryson.

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